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First it was on, then it was off, and now travel and tourism to Croatia is back on again, even for many visitors outside of Europe. And yes, that means Americans too.

In the height of Europe’s ban on outsiders during 2020, Croatia was a rare exception. People visiting for tourism with confirmed and pre-paid reservations were allowed to enter, and many did. The country saw large enough waves of tourism, that it eventually felt the need to shut things down, amid growing health concerns.

With vaccinations picking up, and testing quality improving, Croatia is open once again to outside visitors much as it was before, and that means travelers have a world class European destination ready and waiting, in a time where the world map is more closed off than ever before. Here’s how to make it happen.

Croatia Open For Tourism

Croatia has reinstated its ‘tourism’ clause for border restrictions, which opens up the country to people outside the EU, including Brits, Americans and 100’s of others.

This means just about anyone who fills out the ‘Enter Croatia’ form, has a confirmed reservation for their stay and is willing to show proof of vaccination, a negative covid-19 test or proof of recovery can travel to Croatia once again, simply for the purpose of tourism.

Fully vaccinated travelers won’t be subjected to any additional testing to enter Croatia, which will be an appealing (and less costly) option for many. Even one dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines are being accepted.

Croatia is eager to become a hub for digital nomads as people become less tied to physical workspaces, so those hoping to enter the country under the trending new digital nomad program are also welcome, as are those traveling on business.

Here’s the new section added to Croatia’s travel entry information page, for people who are coming from outside the EU and aren’t citizens or family members of citizens from a EU Schengen country. This

“Persons who travel for tourist reasons and have a certificate of paid accommodation in a hotel, camp, private renter or rented vessel and other form of tourist accommodation or are owners of houses or vessels in the Republic of Croatia, entry into the Republic of Croatia will be allowed upon presentation of a negative PCR or rapid antigen test – RAT on SARS-CoV-2, where the RAT test must be listed in the Common list of rapid antigen tests recognized by the Member States of the European Union, published by the European Commission.

Croatian Government
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Europe For Summer Travel?

Just as the odds were looking slim, there’s glimmers of hope for a summer of travel with Europe involved. Greece recently affirmed its plans to welcome all travelers with proof of vaccination or a negative test from May 14th, and Croatia just jumped into the front of the line, with an option travelers can enjoy today.

It’s expected that as current waves dissipate and weather improves, nations including Spain and Portugal will also begin to welcome outside visitors. If Croatia has been on the bucket list, it’s now an option again, and getting there before the summer rush, or just after could be a brilliant way to experience it!

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