Andiamo! Meravigliosa! Italy is a destination of endless beauty and diverse views. It’s a place which usually commands multiple return trips, just to get a glance into it’s true majesty- or just enough time to sample it’s countless delicious wines- whichever works for you! But thanks to a really cool deal highlighted by Condé Nast Traveler, you can now explore the very best of the Italian countryside with speed and ease- all for just $104 bucks. 

a large stone building with arches and arches with Colosseum in the backgroundGoEuro is one of the best tools for exploring Europe on the cheap. They famously compare plane, train and bus options, arranging package deals and simplifying an otherwise complicated travel process. This week (and this week only, we think)- they’ve partnered with Italo Treno to offer 40% off high speed rail journeys, and other connections too. Anyone can purchase a high speed train ticket from Rome to Florence to Venice for just €90 ($104), making one seriously unforgettable trip. Plenty of other routes are on sale too, even just point to point journeys, like Rome to Naples for less than $20.

a group of people on a rocky hill next to a body of waterTo book these deals, head over to GoEuro’s dedicated Italy deal page and be sure to book by November 13th. Otherwise, you can enjoy telling your travel companions that you’re paying 40% more. We’re sure they’ll understand, maybe. We absolutely love exploring Italy by train, and unlike many things in Italy’s reputation- the trains run very on time! Oh, and Italy has free wifi for tourists!

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