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If a picture is worth 1000 words, what are your hashtags worth? Just kidding. We get it- being on vacation is incredibly exciting, half the point of traveling is to see amazing things – and you want to stay connected to the ones you love, making them jealous the whole entire time. In the quest for constant communication – Italy just took one gigantic step, creating a nationwide, free wifi app…

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From the Emilia Romagna, to Rome and Tuscany – your wifi is now covered. Sort of. The Italian government created Wifi Italia, a free Android and iPhone app with more than 28,000 hotspots around the country to create excitement, connectivity, and of course, some data points for Italian tourism. Speeds may leave a bit to be desired, but those visiting the iconic European destination will be able to browse and stay in touch, without expensive data plans. Exciting news, indeed. The free app will continue to expand throughout the year, reaching further and wider into the lesser traveled parts of the country.

a large stone building with arches with Colosseum in the backgroundThough it may take time to reach it’s potential, this is an extremely exciting investment in travel. Will other countries follow? Having internet access while abroad goes far beyond Instagram bragging rights. Access to maps, directions, reviews and other tools offers traveler increased safety and trust in an unknown land. In the modern world: connectivity is comfort, and offering travelers comfort will absolutely lead to more repeat experiences. Tourists can wander without worry, hopefully finding a more authentico experience along the way.


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  1. Does that mean that hotels will finally stop telling us what a huge benefit free WiFi is for elite members along with free color tv.?

  2. Although I have T-mo I often use wi-fi in malls to use skype. Many European malls and department stores offer wifi but because of certain security concerns Italy lags. (They require knowing who is being given internet access to avoid terrorism comunication. They require knowing your Italian network phone number to use wifi.) having service planned ffor tourists sounds great.

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