Yeah we said it – guaranteed savings…

The greatest stress of any travel booking is the worry of overpaying. You spend all that time researching, find the perfect hotel and then panic as you compare 75 different booking sites, all the while sure you’ll get hosed. Club1Hotels changes that. They guarantee the lowest rate on any hotel booking by at least $10, and $25 per night on many of the best. With a completely free membership – you’d be absolutely crazy not to join.

The Deal

Club1Hotels is able to offer better rates than any other site – yes, including Expedia and other top booking sites because they are a private membership site. They are not public and therefore they can gain access to private rates and undercut competitors by $25 per night minimum on five star hotels and $20 per night minimum on four star. We’ve worked out a deal with Club1Hotels where our lucky readers get a completely free membership. Yes – you get to save a minimum of $20 per night on every hotel you’re booking – and you don’t have to pay a cent to join. Join here. You’re welcome. Oh, and they’re giving our readers 10% off their first booking using code GSTP10.

The Details

Club1Hotels $10, $20 or $25 per night guarantee is simple. If you find a lower refundable or non refundable rate on any other booking site, simply email it to and they’ll match and beat it by $10, $20 or $25 per night depending on the hotel star rating, for up to four nights. Easy! The more luxe, the more bucks you save. If you stay just eight nights per year, you’re guaranteeing yourself $200 in savings versus any-other-booking-site. Beat that! While most people will pay $99 per year to get in on the savings, you’re getting in free.

The Fine Print

The catch for some frequent travelers is that you won’t earn hotel points on these stays. You can however earn airline miles. If you have elite status with a chain like Marriott or Starwood, your benefits will be honored – you just won’t earn the points. For most travelers who don’t ever earn enough hotel points to make a difference, it’s better to just take the savings, and thats why Club1 Hotels makes perfect sense. To take advantage of free membership and get your 10% off, simply click over using this special link for GSTP readers and use the code GSTP10 for your first hotel booking. You have literally nothing to lose, and $100’s to save on each and every stay.

The clock is ticking…

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