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What if you could truly guarantee you’d receive the best price on a hotel booking? In fact, what if you could guarantee a savings of at least $20-$25 per night? That’s a seriously compelling offer. One relatively new hotel booking site has just announced this pledge and we think it’s worth a look.

a large building next to a body of water with Atlantis Paradise Island in the backgroundGuaranteed Savings By $20 Or More…

Club1Hotels is now guaranteeing you’ll get the best price per night, by a margin of at least $20 on four star hotels and $25 per night on five star hotels. If you find a better refundable or non refundable rate before booking, simply send it to memberservices@club1hotels.com and they’ll beat it by $20 or $25 per night. This works for a maximum of four nights.

Members Only

Club1Hotels is a new style of hotel booking site because it’s members only. By being “members only” they’re able to offer lower rates than typical public booking sites, because the rates aren’t technically public. While annual membership usually runs over $175, readers can sign up for free. That is, if you haven’t signed up for free already.

a living room with a tv and couchesSaving Big

We’ve used Club1Hotels to book stays on multiple continents. This new best price guarantee policy is a very compelling reason to give the up and coming booking brand a search, before booking elsewhere. Since this applies to both refundable and non refundable rates, there’s a lot to love here. The company says that once an email is sent with a link to the better price, they’ll match and beat it in the same day. It’s certainly worth a good look!

Shop Around

We always suggest shopping around the best hotel booking sites before completing any reservations. The more you search, the more potential you’ll have to pay an even lower rate with Club1Hotels than before. Unfortunately stays booked through Club1Hotels are not eligible for hotel points, but they are eligible for airline miles. Worth a browse? Definitely.

Featured image courtesy of Ion Adventure Hotel Iceland.

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