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Chase was a leader in credit card dining perks when Sapphire Preferred launched, but fierce competition from American Express and Capital One took over the headlines in recent years. Capital One launched exciting partnerships with Resy, the James Beard Foundation, and OpenTable; while Amex expanded Platinum Dining, and curated a variety of benefits for Amex Gold cardholders.

But Chase is now back in the dining game, launching a variety of tasty new treats for cardmembers, aimed at putting Chase back at the top of credit card dining perks. You care, because it means better access to tables, exclusive events and more!

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Chase Ultimate Rewards Dining Hub

Chase has created the Ultimate Rewards Dining Hub, a new central location where card members of Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Freedom Flex or Ink can benefit from tables held back just for Chase customers.

The new ‘Dining’ Hub can be found when logged into your credit card account, after navigating to Ultimate Rewards, and then clicking the menu bar, to reveal the new ‘Dining’ tab. What’s on offer with the new Chase Dining Hub? A lot.

  • Chase Cardmember Tables
  • Curated meals to go, and for delivery
  • Virtual dining experiences with top chefs
  • direct access to purchase produce from farms, butchers

Chase x Tock Partnership

Chase partnered with app ‘Tock’ to bring exclusive access to sought after restaurants, typically of the high end variety, where the meals are pre-fixe and pre paid, but it’s also appealing more widely to customers with the Tock partnership too.

View From The Wing notes that the ‘Tock’ app, the new Chase Ultimate Rewards Dining Hub online and Chase mobile app will feature opportunities to purchase direct farm to home produce, from vegetables to wagyu beef from top purveyors, as well as curated take out options from local favorites.

Tock also works with wineries to offer direct to consumer opportunities, so if you’re an oenophile, be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities where Chase cardholders can benefit from exclusive offers.

Even better, you can use Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to pay for these ‘Tock’ app purchases, using points at the 1.25 cents per point for Sapphire Preferred, or 1.5 cents per point for Sapphire Reserve, through April 30th, 2021. For card members who are giving travel a pass right now, it’s a great option.

Do note, this doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy these excellent rates on all take out, just these purchases for the limited time window.

a woman standing at a table
Under Restaurant, Norway

Chase Sapphire Virtual Dining

In a normal year, which this is not, Chase offers a selection of incredible Sapphire dining experiences, where cardmembers can redeem points or pay cash for access to meals with the world’s top chefs, typically including a private cooking demo and a multi course meal.

This year, Chase is offering virtual dining opportunities, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be eating air. Fortunately. Particularly when you’re talking Canlis in Seattle, or Austin’s ever legendary Franklin Barbecue, among other delights.

Chase is offering virtual cooking lessons, tastings and other opportunities to get up close and personal with celebrated chefs, where ingredients to recreate dishes will be sent in the mail, or can be picked up locally as part of the package. In most cases a live Q&A with the chef is included.

Great News For Chase Cardholders

Sometimes it’s the earning rate for maximizing points, sometimes its opportunities to use points, but sometimes tangible things matter most. Gaining access to exclusive tables, curating chef partnerships and offering new direct to farm food purchasing for cardholders is exciting stuff.

What do you think of the new Chase Ultimate Rewards Dining?

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  1. These are frills that 98% of Sapphire Reserve customers won’t use … increase the dining rebate by 1% and that would be news.

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