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Chase was pretty much the first company to figure out that it’s better to have people spending money with their card, than to charge ridiculous foreign transaction fees and have the card sit in a drawer. 

The Chase Sapphire Preferred was the first mainstream card to drop the eye-roll inducing spending fees, and in short order, every other competitive US rewards card followed. 

Now, a relatively new Chase card, the Aeroplan Card is rewarding people for pulling their card out abroad in stellar fashion, with 10X points on purchases made abroad, which can amount to a free flight in no time. 

Here’s how to take advantage of this fantastic offer, just for getting out of town. Or more specifically, for getting out of the USA this summer.

a white buildings with blue domes and a body of water with Santorini in the background

Chase Aeroplan Offering 10X Points On International Purchases

Like all great cards, the Chase Aeroplan Card, which currently offers a welcome bonus of up to 101,000 points carries no foreign transaction fees. 

Spending on vacation is just as rewarding as at home, without any penalty for actually using it. Simple enough. Duh.

Aeroplan is going one better though, and not only are there no foreign transaction fees for purchases made outside of the USA, Chase and Aeroplan are sweetening the deal to get you to whip your Aeroplan Card out abroad with 10X points on purchases.

Whipping your Chase Aeroplan card out on vacation will net you 10X points per dollar spent, up to a total of 15,000 points on the first $1500 you spend outside of the USA. The stellar enticement is valid for purchases outside of the US until September 30th.

It doesn’t matter what “spend” category either.

Whether it’s dining, travel or general daily purchases, money spent abroad will earn 10X for the summer of 2022. Obviously, earning 15,000 Aeroplan points can bring real valuable, so this is a very attractive way to earn them just by prioritizing a great card to put some spend on.

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Clever Card, Clever Perks

The Chase Aeroplan Card is one of the more innovative entries into the rewards credit card space. There’s elite status on offer, great fee credits to cover Global Entry or TSA PreCheck® and monthly bonus points for spending goals.

For Star Alliance fans, or Air Canada fans, it’s one of the most compelling new cards on the market, due in part to Aeroplan’s favorable pricing on aspirational flights using points.

With so many people finally reconnecting with travel this summer — and spending bigger than ever — this is a very clever way to get people to prioritize their Aeroplan Card over whatever else sits near the front of the wallet.

You can learn more about the Chase Aeroplan Card here. Happy travels abroad!

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  1. That is a really lucrative deal that is going unnoticed!
    Is registration required for this promo?
    I have the card and I’m abroad so I can easily charge $1500 in a next few weeks.

    BTW had a flight from BKK to WAW on Finnair. Excellent business class experience. Even HEL to WAW in E190 was excellent. Superb legroom and catering. I will definitely fly Finnair more often.

  2. 1500 dollars is pretty weak. that’s half of a solo 2 week trip. not worth the credit pull for 15k extra points in a year

    1. Just to be clear… this is a limited time spending offer on top of the already 101,000 bonus points. There could easily be other similar offers in the year.

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