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Capital One didn’t just enter the dining world in recent years with early exclusive table offerings, they went directly to the top, with Michelin Guide partnerships – and James Beard too.

You care, because the Michelin Guide partnership is creating exclusive opportunities to try the creme de la creme of the restaurant world, with access money can’t buy. Well, it can today, but not usually.

A few of the most acclaimed restaurants in the USA are offering special, one off, or two off dinners, with wine pairings, access to the chef and “gifts”, but you’ll need to move fast. They’re not cheap, but three Michelin star dining rarely is.

Copyright: Aska, Brooklyn

Capital One Summer Dining Series

Capital One and the Michelin Guide are offering seriously cool dining opportunities in Brooklyn, San Francisco and Washington DC, at restaurants offering two or three Michelin stars, including: Aska, Quince At The Farm and The Inn At Little Washington.

Capital One cardholders have exclusive access to these events, and tickets are $500 per person. It sounds steep, but three Michelin starred dining is supposed to offer a level of excitement in line with a pro sporting event, evening at the theatre or a major concert.

Plus, tasting menu dinners with wine pairings at any of these establishments would probably fetch far more, without the extras which Capital One and the Michelin Guide are bringing. Here’s how Capital One describes the dinner series…

Quince at the Farm in Bolinas, California (outside of San Francisco) — Saturday, August 21 at 1:30 p.m.

This 3 MICHELIN Star and MICHELIN Green Star restaurant has an exclusive relationship with a 25-acre farm located an hour outside of San Francisco that is one of the oldest certified organic farms in the region.

This experience includes a cocktail & Champagne welcome and an intimate tour of the farm hosted by farmer Peter Martinelli and Chef Michael Tusk to learn about its unique microclimate. Guests will even get a chance to harvest right from the farm. Following the tour, Chef Tusk will escort the group to dining tents for a multi-course meal and beverage pairing made with ingredients right from the farm.

The Inn at Little Washington in Washington, Virginia (outside of Washington, DC) — Tuesday, August 24 at 6:00 p.m.

For 43 years, this 3 MICHELIN Star and MICHELIN Green Star restaurant has pioneered a regional American cuisine using indigenous products sourced from local farmers, ranchers, and the Inn’s own Garden. They employ two full-time farmers and five gardeners who tend to the Inn’s greenhouse that supplies the restaurant’s herbs and lettuces. They even have their own beekeeper on staff who cultivates hives that supply the restaurant’s honey. 

This experience includes a tour of the Inn’s farm by chef and owner Patrick O’Connell, where guests will enjoy a Champagne toast and learn more about the Inn’s approach to sustainability. Following the tour, guests will enjoy a multi-course meal and wine pairings.

Aska in Brooklyn, NY — Friday, August 27 & Saturday, August 28 at 6:00 p.m.

This sustainable 2 MICHELIN Star restaurant prioritizes organic, foraged and/or sustainably grown ingredients, uses herbs in its dishes that are grown in a dedicated garden upstate and partners with a local composting facility to dispose of its unused food scraps.

This experience includes a cocktail hour and toast from Chef Fredrik Berselius, followed by a multi-course meal featuring seasonal Scandinavian dishes.

There’s a 100,000 point bonus on Capital One Venture right now.

Tickets to these intimate events are $500 per person and include a meet and greet with the chef, a tasting menu, beverage pairing and special gift.

  • All food and beverage, service and tax, is included in the ticket price.
  • Cardholders can also purchase optional roundtrip transportation and lodging at or close to the locations.

If this is up your street, these dining events typically sell out in a day, based on prior experience. For many, it might be worth using points or a great deal to actually fly in for the night, just to take advantage. I actually might.

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  1. Most of your posts contain interesting and fun travel adventures. I have availed myself of some way cool trips, stays and eats. Coming out of this pandemic and huge social unrest, I was hoping for some insight on the safety of some of the cities you advocate. In the past, San Francisco, New York, Seattle and others have been great cultural experiences. Today retired and 70 yrs old, you could not pay me to visit these unsafe destinations. Or am I totally off base? Although a Midwesterner, I’ve lived in a wide variety of environments i.e. MPLS, Denver, Alaska and South Africa. Some perspective on the real risks of modern American cities would be appreciated. The perspective might help me decide where to burn all these points you’ve taught me to acquire. Thank you.

    1. Hey Theodore, I primarily spend my time in New York and London, so I can speak from relatively good current experience. I’m loving seeing these cities come back to life, in many ways better. New York has ceded some parking over to restaurants for at least another year, so outdoor dining in the city is nicer than any point in history. London is experiencing at least some of the same. I walk more, whereas I might historically have taken the train, but I don’t worry for my health. I’m vaccinated, test regularly for peace of mind and try to avoid things I deem at risk, for now. Hope that helps! I’d say, choosing between these options, Quince and The Inn are both relatively outside the city, and in more rural outdoor settings.

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