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Qatar Airways, or KLM?

When the weather turns fifty shades of grey, rainy and crap across Europe, it’s only just blossoming into the most beautiful, dry and vibrant sunshine in South Africa. If you’re looking for autumn or winter sun, there’s hardly a better place – and with no jet lag thanks to minimal time zone changes – that’s particularly true. If Cape Town is on the wish list, these round trip business class deals from £1290 round trip are tough to beat…

a mountain with a city and waterThe Business Class Offers To Cape Town

If you’ve got points, or can find a cheap flight – you may want to get yourself to Oslo. The city is currently enjoying the lowest prices for business class between Europe and South Africa, and on a 11 hour overnight flight, business class is really nice. Even if you’re currently reading this in another part of Europe, it’s worth seeing if a little inconvenience is worth a lot of savings. The next lowest cities for business class pricing are Frankfurt and Vienna.

Both Qatar Airways and KLM have fantastic prices, starting at £1295 round trip for one stop flights via either Amsterdam or Doha, depending on which you choose. Either option is a great way to earn miles and status credits with the SkyTeam or Oneworld airline of your choice.

KLM businessThe Dates You Can Travel To South Africa

The Qatar Airways flights feature much more restricted date options, with limited availability in September and December of 2019 and then March and May of 2019. The KLM deals bring much wider options, with dates from September 2019 thru June 2020. Like the Qatar deals, you’ll find the very best steals in October, December, March, April and May.

In case you were wondering, Cape Town is about 27°C and 80°F in December and within just a couple degrees of that all autumn and spring. To lock in the lowest prices, you’ll need at least one Saturday stay, but that’s pretty much the only rule…

a seat in a planeHow To Book These Business Class Flights

Enough chit chat. Here are links to the best round trip business class deals, which will get you to Cape Town in style. Simply click, and change dates to suit your needs, looking for the same prices. Just keep the date ranges in mind above….

Hot tip: you can also book these flights directly with Qatar Airways Simply enter a search, and then click “more dates” on the top right hand corner to find dates at the 7300NOK each way pricing with far more ease.

Cape Town Tips, Recommendations And More…

If you’re wondering whether Cape Town is safe, here’s your answer (spoiler alert: it’s a yes). If you’re looking for a few things to do while you’re there, we’ve got you covered there too, and if you’re into food, here’s why you should make this #1 on your to do list, and a few restaurant suggestions too.

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