You don’t need another reason to visit Cape Town but we’ll give you one anyway: food. It’s a magnificent city full of incredible scenery, cool wildlife, world class wine, winter sunshine, fun hikes, but also – a never ending list of fabulous restaurants. No matter your budget or taste, these spots are definitely worth a try. In fact, we know you’ll be back. And if you’re a lover of food posts on Instagram, Cape Town nails the presentation and artistic side…

a plate of food on a tableLa Colombe

Sitting upon the Constantiaberg mountain slopes with breathtaking wine valley views, this is a must for anyone visiting Cape Town. Just be sure to book in advance. Elegant dishes are full of fresh produce grown right outside offering major flavor with each morsel. There’s no doubt why it’s constantly one of the 100 best restaurants in the world.

Link: La Colombe

Price: Expensive

The Test Kitchen

Again, there’s a good reason that this is one of the world’s best – and when we say world’s best, it’s almost always in the top 20 each ranking year. With an ever changing “test kitchen” concept menu, cool decor and comfortable atmosphere, the menu will lead you on a culinary journey, and one that you will want to take on, over and over again.

Link: Test Kitchen

Price: Expensive

a table with plates of foodThe Pot Luck Club

As if eating with views of Table Mountain and Cape Town Harbour aren’t tempting enough on their own; this loft-style restaurant is another master piece of Luke Dale-Roberts. Yes indeed, the chef behind The Test Kitchen. Amazing views, world class food, this place is a must for eccentric and approachable bites.

Link: Pot Luck Club

Price: Affordable

Kloof Street House

This buzzing spot is perfect for a fun and cheerful night without breaking the bank. The restaurant is set in a Victorian house with an enchantingly lit garden and serves wonderful tasting and sharing dishes and very potent, albeit lovely, cocktails. A superb restaurant for any occasion, without the fuss of fine dining.

Link: Kloof Street House

Price: Affordable


Franschhoek is worth a visit anyway, and if you make it there, then you must visit this wonderful restaurant. Using all fresh ingredients from their own garden, the menu is constantly changing with the seasons. The combination of an inimitable setting, fabulous local wines and knock out food.. you just can’t go wrong.

Link: Babel

Price: Expensive

a restaurant with tables and chairsChef’s Warehouse Beau Constantia

Getting bored of hearing about the amazing scenery, wine and cuisine in each restaurant? Well, you’ve picked the wrong city to visit – and this place has it all, again. Liam Tomlin, the incredible chef behind this spot, also has Chef’s Warehouse and Canteen and Thali, and honestly, you can’t go wrong at any of them.

Link: Chef’s Warehouse Beau Constantia

Price: Expensive

V&A Food Market

The V&A Waterfront is somewhere every Cape Town visitor will venture at some point, but be sure to hit the delectable food market. It’s chock full of eclectic food options at great prices, truly excellent local “Truth” coffee, ice cream and other unique goods. The nearby “shed” is a perfect place to get some local gifts to take home too. We’d avoid the waterfront restaurants, usually over priced and over crowded. Tourists, right?

Link: V&A Food Market

Price: Cheap

Bacon on Bree

If you love bacon, then you cannot leave Cape Town without trying this place. Offering only the highest quality of meat and ingredients with twists from old school traditional recipes, you will leave here happy and satisfied, if not perhaps a little weighed down. Totally worth it.

Link: Bacon on Bree

Price: Cheap

a plate of food with different dipsLoaves On Long

For a more casual breakfast or lunch approach, with incredible pastries rivaling Paris and breads and coffee to boot – visit ‘Loaves On Long’. Is it a cafe, a bakery, a restaurant? You choose, it’s got it all. Everything is baked from scratch on premises using locally sourced ingredients. You’ll be back.

Link: Loaves On Long

Price: Affordable

The Gin Bar

Stop thinking about food for a moment and think of drinks, or in this case gin. If you’re fans of this spirit, as we are, then this place is worth a visit. Tucked behind a chocolate shop, this charming courtyard setting will lead you on a gin journey around the world – and an excellent one. Also be sure to check out “Mothers Ruin” for another extraordinary gin journey.

Link: The Gin Bar

Price: Affordable

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