Canary islands La Palma Spain

If covid-19 has had any positive side effect fo travellers, it’s been geography lessons. In Spain, where covid-19 surges landed the entire country, including islands over 1,000 miles away on various travel quarantine, or ban lists across Europe and beyond, those geography lessons are more important than many destinations.

To prove that point, the Canary Islands, some 1,000 miles away from covid-19 flare ups on the mainland, is now offering complete covid-19 health insurance coverage to all travellers, in an attempt to win back visitors.

Canary islands La Palma Spain

Canary Islands Covid-19 Coverage

Spain has found itself on a variety of country’s lists for places where travel insurance won’t be valid, where only essential travel is advised, or where 14 day quarantine will be necessary upon return. It’s crushing the summer tourism season, which aimed to provide vital lifelines for millions of workers.

Bbut the distance between hard hit Catalonia and Gran Canaria span some 1,300 miles, which is effectively half the width of the entire United States, and adding to the isolation, the Atlantic Ocean lays between.

The Canary Islands have experienced some of the lowest covid-19 case and death figures below virtually anywhere in Europe, which actually make it one of the safer places in and around Europe, and far safer in covid-19 terms than the places most travellers are originating.

To draw tourists back, the islands are taking a massive worry out of the equation, partnering with AXA to provide covid-19 coverage, including medical care, quarantine costs and even travel back to their point of origin.

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Emirates recently became the first airline to automatically cover all guests aboard their flights, to all destinations for up to 31 days from the beginning of travel. The Emirates coverage provides up to $150,000 in assistance.

The Canary Island covid-19 coverage is complimentary, and automatically applies, which is lovely.

Of course, terms and conditions, like not knowing you had covid-19 when you arrived do apply, according to Euronews. Basically, if getting a travel health insurance policy was the main reason for not going, the Canary Islands just threw travellers a freebie.

With the unpredictable nature of travel in the covid-19 era, last minute plans are proving the most likely to go ahead in the interim. Travellers able to use points, or find airlines and accommodations with great flexibility are enjoying summer travel without the crowds, and with less time for things to go wrong, fewer headaches too.

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