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People travel to cities all around the world just to experience vibrant food scenes and dine at specifically well regarded restaurants, most famously, those recognised by the Michelin Guide. With Nobu, Spago, Osteria Mozza and n/naka just to name a few, it’s a wonder there isn’t already a guide for Los Angeles. The city was a part of the Michelin guide between 2008 and 2010, but the hangover of the global financial poisoned the fine dining scene. In summer 2019 it will finally make a triumphant return. In nine years, a lot has changed.

They say a restaurant with three Michelin stars is reason enough to make a trip, and travellers will soon have yet another excuse to visit the sun, sand and glamour of Los Angeles, and California on the whole. If you’re going to a new city, or just love food, it’s brilliant to have a handy guide and all of California will receive Michelin coverage in 2019.

food on a plateControversially, the Michelin guide isn’t offered in many of the world’s best foodie cities, which leaves travellers in limbo when faced with the classic question of “where to eat?”. Los Angeles, like many US cities, is home to amazing food from $5 tacos to $100 meatballs and people just want to know where to find the most delicious eats.

The city will soon join New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, DC as the fifth US city covered by the Michelin Guide. With up and coming food scenes in New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Seattle and Charleston, more really should be on the way. How Cape Town or any Australian cities aren’t yet recognized is hard to fathom.

palm trees aviosThe new guide will roll out for all of California, including San Diego, Orange County, Santa Barbara, Monterey and more. The already existing guide in San Francisco will just blend in and help form one large California guide. The state did after all create its own farm to table cuisine name, up there with french, or Japanese, known simply as California cooking. You can expect the list later this summer – so travellers, get ready to eat.

Just don’t expect a $2 Michelin starred meal like you’ll find in Singapore.

The Michelin Guide can quite literally be life changing for chefs and patrons alike, so much so that chefs have been known to turn down stars, just to maintain the status quo or avoid too much outside attention. If you’ve got a hot spot you’d consider to be of Michelin guide quality, be sure to book a table, or a few, before the list is published. Once a restaurant is on the list, it tends to jump in price and drop in availability – and fast.

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