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Marriott Bonvoy Points are pretty much back at full steam.

The pandemic sidelined some of the best uses outside of standard hotel stays, but things like Marriott Bonvoy Moments, which include all-in concert suites, culinary experiences and sporting events, are now kicking back into gear, which makes for some very fun ways to use points.

As is often the case with points, people are usually just short of the number needed to unlock top goals, or are looking to build up a massive arsenal, and that’s where buying points can actually make a lot of sense, if done with the right timing.

When it comes to actually buying the points, it’s always best to get in during a sale – more points, less money, duh – and Marriott Bonvoy is offering a new “mystery bonus” when you purchase points.

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Buy Marriott Bonvoy With A Mystery Bonus

Spoiler alert: most accounts are targeted for a 45% bonus in the latest Marriott Bonvoy points sale. To put it into perspective, the highest ever bonus was 60%, and bonuses of around 35% are fairly standard, so this is middle to top tier in a good way.

Assuming your account is targeted for 45%, any purchases of 2,000 points or more will unlock the mystery bonus. You can check your account here.

Recently, many hotel and airline brands have tailored sales to only bring bonuses on larger purchases, so it’s nice to be able to save on points, even if it’s just a small top up.

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In addition to the discount via the sale, the number of points which can be purchased has also been doubled. Instead of the typical 50,000 points (pre bonus) you’re allowed to purchase per year, Marriott Bonvoy has doubled this to 100,000, making 145,000 a potential goal, given the 45% bonus.

Should You Buy Marriott Bonvoy Points?

Best practices, schmacktices. Points are entirely personal and everyone approaches these little equations from a different place. If you earn millions of points via credit card spend and have too many points to burn, you probably don’t need to buy more.

If you have a specific goal you’re cashing in for, and will come up short without a few extra points, it’s always better to buy when they’re on sale. I occasionally buy Marriott Bonvoy Points because I regularly spend mine, and find something that requires more points than I have.

I currently have a mere 15,000 Marriott Bonvoy Points left, and in the past have really enjoyed Marriott Bonvoy Moments for concerts and culinary things. I’ve topped up for events before, and may again. Marriott recently improved the process for putting any points reservations on hold, which means you can still book a stay and earn the points later.

You can check out your Mystery Bonus here.

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