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I’ve been a fan of Marriott Moments since before they were Marriott Moments, and were instead part of SPG. Why? Hotel stays excite me, but I can buy them. Moments not only offer some “money can’t buy experiences”, but also sometimes even greater value for points, with luxury hotel stays thrown in to the “moment.”

Oddly, many of these opportunities still fly below the radar of most members, which means even if they’re an auction rather than simple “buy with points”, there are major wins to be had.

Like, suite tickets to the tennis Laver Cup, with 3 nights at a 5 star hotel included, or a private chef dinner at the untouchable Pujol in Mexico City, with chef Enrique Olvera himself.

After a hiatus for rather obvious reasons, Marriott Moments are back, and they appear to be better than ever. With the Premier League and NFL seasons kicking off, the fall season will only enhance that.

Update: Marriott and Manchester United are back for the season. Hospitality tickets to top matches are now out, and you can check out the offerings here.

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Marriott Moments Return

Marriott Moments are back, and the simplest way to explain them, is that they bring value to people like us, by leveraging Marriott’s partnerships in sports, dining, hotels, entertainment and more.

Marriott has VIP suites in arenas, famous chefs at their hotels and sponsorships of legendary sports teams and festivals, so they’re able to secure access which money usually can’t buy. In these instances, points can buy.

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One cool example was a pre-pandemic opportunity to travel to an away game on the team plane of a leading European football team, and stay in the team hotel, as well as attend team meals!

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The bottom line is that Moments are in full swing now, and they’re awesome. These are just a small sampling of what’s out there, and because Marriott Bonvoy remains significant sponsors of Manchester United and the NFL, much appears to be on the way for autumn and winter.

If you’ve got lots of Marriott Bonvoy Points and want to go beyond simple hotel stays, this is a very cool way to do so. You can browse all the current and upcoming Marriott Moments here.

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