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Look – this may not be for you. But if we don’t explain why it might be, and what you are potentially missing out on… you might just miss out. The best way to earn points is to earn them for free along your travels- but some opportunities to use points are too exciting and limited time to wait for years and years of slow collecting. Starwood (SPG) Points are not only the most valuable points in the business, they can unlock incredible tricks and value with airlines too. Here’s why they might be worth a purchase

a bed and a book on a table20,000 SPG = 25,000 Airline Miles

Boom! Right off the bat, 20,000 SPG points converts into 25,000 airline miles with virtually any airline of your choosing. You can purchase 20,000 SPG points in this sale for $466, allowing you to score 25,000 airline miles for less than two cents a piece. If you’re buying in another currency, like the British Pound – it’s even better! British Airways miles could cost just 1.28 cents! You can buy SPG points here.

Access To Best Airline Seats

Want to fly Lufthansa First Class? So does everyone. It’s amazing, by the way. For just 40,000 Starwood Points you can. Etihad First Class Apartment? Just 35,000 Starwood points. Amazing similar values are available for Cathay Pacific First Class, Emirates First Class and countless other cool seats, which would usually cost $5,000 and up. Just click each airline (to the left) and we’ll show you why SPG points unlock the best opportunities.

Unlock Elusive Travel Package

1 SPG point becomes 3 Marriott points, and you can transfer them instantly. Marriott travel packages are one of the best gems left in points and miles, offering a set number of free hotel nights, in addition to giving you actual airline miles to book flights. Two people maxing out this SPG sale (30,000 SPG each) could end up with 180,000 Marriott points in a single account, by transferring the other persons 90,000 Marriott points over, when they want to redeem. That’s almost immediately enough for an incredible travel package.

a group of tables on a beachHotel Hedges

Let’s say you’re dead set on a hotel and it’s a certain cost. But it’s also available using points, and buying the points cost less than paying for a night. There ya go – value. This can work at many of Starwood’s highest end properties, and also some of the cheap but cheerful options as well. With rates starting at 5,000 points per night it’s not hard to see how buying points can save. The only way to know is to compare cash prices with prices and availability using points. And in case you forgot, 1 SPG Point = 3 Marriott Points. So 30,000 SPG would give you 90,000 Marriott!

Points Clock

They’ve already merged, but SPG and Marriott are combining this year. Last year people worried that SPG points may never go on sale again, so it’s very fair to say that this could be one of the last opportunities to pick them up in an amazing sale. If it makes any difference, we’re buyers in the sale too. Enjoy!



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    1. Price for 20,000 SPG points in dollars converted to gbp. then price divided by 25,000 points. It’s something like 320/25000 off hand.

  1. am definitely late in the game but i just bought the points… i still cant see the benefits as i tried to redeem a flight from sin to icn and it costs so much more… gotta ask my friends who convert them to mileageplus or marriott points

    but after some math, definitely much better to transfer them to my Krisflyer miles, as opposed to spending through my credit card, and then redeeming the bank points to KF

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