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Showers, Dom Perignon, Comfort And Sleep…

Many people crave a shower after a long flight, but few get the opportunity to take on in mid air. Emirates first class delights guests with fully enclosed suites to quite literally block out the world, renowned wines that go for top dollar on the ground, an on board bar to enjoy them and attentive crews to ensure the ultimate pampering. While an around the world ticket, enjoying more than 42 hours of first class treatment would usually run you $20,000 you can live the dream for just 125,000 points.

Around The World

How about seeing London, Dubai, Seoul or Tokyo, Milan and New York all on the same trip? This is just a single example of the possibilities that exist here. This use of points is all about distance, and you can go anywhere Emirates flies as long as the total distance is less than 20,000 miles in the air. It’s easy to calculate distance using GCmap.com. You can start just about anywhere, and the airline you’ll use to book even has sample itineraries listed! And if you want a preview of the in flight experience, check out this glowing review

What Do You Know About JAL?

You may have heard of JAL, or Japan Airlines, which is a leading Japanese Airline. The airline has a unique frequent flyer partnership with Emirates, and the amount of miles needed for a flight on their partner Emirates is calculated by distance. They happen to have the most favorable distance chart for flying Emirates First Class Suites by a long measure.

Easy Enough To Earn…

You can earn JAL miles via SPG or by crediting any OneWorld Airline flight to JAL- so even if you’re flying American, you can be earning JAL miles instead. Since SPG offers a credit card in the US & UK, you can earn SPG miles for your every day spending. When combining miles earned from flights, with credit card points earned from bonuses and spending- there’s a compelling chance here.

125,000 or 155,000 Depending How You Go…

If you earn points solely through SPG, you’ll only need 125,000 points to do this. That’s because you get a 5,000 point bonus for every 20,000 you transfer. So 125,000 SPG points will turn into 155,000 JAL “Mileage Bank” points, which you can then use to book Emirates First Class. If you earn JAL miles by flying or their credit card and you earn SPG points, you’ll need somewhere between the 125,000 and 155,000. Simply enough.

How To Actually Book This Magical Journey…

Once you have your miles firmly in place in the JAL Mileage Bank (it can take up to 10 days to transfer from SPG to JAL, by the way) you’re ready to book. For any flights departing or arriving in the U.S., you can use Alaskaair.com to search. Ignore the prices they quote, just look for the seats. For other flights you can use Qantas.com, again ignoring their prices in miles. Just find the available seats. You can also use ExpertFlyer or AwardNexus to search all routes. Once you’ve found your space- write flight numbers and dates down and call JAL.

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