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Before you say TAP has no real Business class, that has changed, in fact they have one of the newest long-haul fleets in the world, and all business class seats are lie-flat seats now.

There is a simple trick, that not everyone is aware of, that let you buy cheap bussines class “return” flights with Star Alliance member TAP from North America to Europe.

We call it return flights because you can’t book it as a return flight, you have to book it as two one-way flights, but that isn’t more complicated.

If you would book this fare as a return ticket it would cost you 2000$ or even 3000$, for example New York to Oslo with TAP.

Furthermore, with one-way tickets you have two big advantages compared to a return flight.

The first one and the most important in this case is the price and the other one is flexibility.

With one-way tickets you don’t need to fly back to North America from the same city as the one you were heading to first, perfect if you plan a trip in Europe where you want to see more than just one place.

This deal is available from New York, Montreal these are the two cheapest cities to depart from, but as well Boston, Washington DC and Miami have some cheap one way flights to Europe.

On top of that, you may build in a free stopover in Lisbon for the in- and outbound flight.

There are plenty of options, we’ve highlighted the cheapest below…

Prices start as low as 1450USD for the cheapest combination, a one-way flight from Montreal to Amsterdam and a one-way flight from Oslo to New York or Boston.

New York – Frankfurt, Oslo – New York or Boston is the second best option with 1550$.


Travel Dates

Flights are available the whole year, availability is the best when you look for dates well in advance, that doesn’t mean that every single date will be available of course.

Montreal to Amsterdam is only available in May, June, September and October for that price.


How To Book These Flight Deals


Below you can find the one-way prices with OTA’s to Europe, a few more cities are available across Europe.



And here the one-way prices back to North America, for some flights there is a longer overnight stopover in Portugal involved.



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