food on a tray on a plane

Food waste is one of the most unconscionable things in the world, particularly during a global pandemic. British Airways is taking a significant step to improve their role, while also serving better food, partnering with a British Chef Tom Kerridge, who’s spent the year trying to save independent restaurants.

British Airways short haul ‘Euro Traveller’ meal service is changing, and pretty much all for the better. Oh, and that bottle of water and snack being offered right now is here to stay…

British Airways New Euro Traveller Food With Tom Kerridge

Everyone hates soggy bread, and with indoor dining closed, Tom Kerridge threw his culinary genius into fixing airplane food, with British Airways.

After a successful trial run last year across first class, Tom Kerridge, the celebrated British chef patron of the Hand & Flowers, and Kerridge’s Bar & Grille at the Corinthia Hotel in London is the new food partner for British Airways short haul economy flying.

if you want something more than a little snack and bottle of water, which are notably here to stay in Euro Traveller now, you can pre-order and purchase a ‘Speedbird Cafe’ meal from Tom Kerridge. Sample menu items, which all sit around £4 each, include a…

  • Warm Steak & Ale Pie
  • The Ham Hock & Smoked Cheddar Sandwich
  • The Spiced Cauliflower Tortilla Wrap (Vegan)
  • The Chicken, Bacon and Celery Brioche
  • The Brie Ploughman’s Sandwich (Vegetarian)

Club Europe business food service will remain unchanged. All meals, and any duty free and retail shopping can be purchased at

food on a tray on a plane

Perhaps most importantly, food waste is being meaningfully reduced with the new short haul project. All Tom Kerridge food for BA, which will include sandwiches, pies and more, must be preordered 12 hours in advance for UK departures, or 24 hours in advance for flights from Europe back to the UK.

Respectfully, with the perils of millions around the world, picking up your phone or web browser at least 12-24 hours prior to departure if you’d like to select a delicious meal is hardly a large ask to help reduce food waste in the world. This is fantastic.

As what can only be described as a food nerd, Tom Kerridge is said to have ‘gone deep’ in trying to consider things which ruin food, between the time it’s made and enjoyed on an airplane.

a man in a apron standing in front of a jet engine

This involved creating powders or spice mixes instead of spreads to keep bread from going soggy in some instances, and finding ways to keep pastry on pies flakey, lovely and worth buying. It’s far more than just putting a chef’s name on a menu. The result is the first time I’ve ever had people from an airline tell me “no seriously, it’s actually really good”.

a plate of food on a cutting board

So when can you find food from the affable British lad available to preorder for your next British Airways Euro Traveller flight? Like all things during the covid-19 era, and amid lockdowns, there’s no set date for the British Airways x Tom Kerridge short haul food launch, but British Airways assures it’ll be ready in the first quarter of 2021 and actually perhaps much sooner, within weeks. Ideally, around January 20th.

a sandwich and a can of soda on a tray in an airplane

Reducing food waste while offering better food is a win for everyone. Furthermore, it will help British Airways save on fuel costs as well, unless of course the entire Euro Traveller cabin starts ordering, due to how good the food is. Wonder if they thought of that…

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  1. This is a recipe for disaster. Tell me what happens when your flight is cancelled or overbooked and you’re moved onto another within 24 hours of departure, does someone run around Madrid airport moving your Tom Kerridge pie from one flight to another? What happens if you change your flight on the day using Same-Day Change, do you get an automatic refund or spend 9 weeks chasing BA for it? What about high-value fully-flex economy customers that book/change flights within 24 hours, they have no option for buy-on-board anymore?

    1. Then you’re forced to go two hours of your life without eating. Hardly the end of the world with food at the airport you’re departing, at home, or on arrival.

  2. I’m not sure how much food waste this cuts down on as whenever we’ve been ‘down the back’ on BA short haul, especially on the return journey to the UK, we’ve found the BoB food choices to be very limited due to the “busy outbound flight”.

    However, Tom Kerridge’s food is to be very much welcomed and my only hope is that him throwing his name behind this is a better conceived than James Martin who put his name to the James Martin Kitchen. We’ve been in the GLA one twice, the first time it was terrible and we only went back to spend the vouchers they sent us after complaining about the first visit. The food was just as bad, if not worse, second time around we daren’t complain a that time for fear they might send us more vouchers.

    I digress … good luck to Tom Kerridge and this initiative, those pies look mighty fine and I for one can’t wait to try one, especially as it means we’ll finally be flying again!

  3. What happens if I miss my connection and they move me to the next one? Does my Pre-purchased food follow me?

    1. I’d imagine that if it’s already in place at the airport, it’ll either make it to you on the subsequent flight, or iPad will come around for service recovery, or refund.

  4. Will I at least be able to purchase drinks or non-perishable snacks without Pre-ordering?

    I can see wanting a second gin & tonic or a spur of the moment cup of coffee when I thought I would sleep the whole flight and being disappointed if they say no.

  5. Disappointing there is no Breakfast option but apart from the obvious flight changes/connections causing issues it looks like a good move. Let’s give it a chance before picking too many holes.

    P.S. BA, TK, please give us a breakfast option!

      1. Sadly having perused the entire menu the only thing nearing a breakfast offering is a porridge pot. I suppose I’ll have to content myself with a Bloody Mary or Champagne xD

  6. Another stunt by BA, totally useless.You can’t predict in advance how hungry you are going to be, so it’s doomed to failure. You can get better at M&S shop more cheaply if you really need it. My last trip, 2019 business class to Madeira, pre ordered meal, they didn’t have it on their manifest, no , business class meals they said were left, offered me a M&S sandwich. After polite (I always am) explosion they eventually found two, so I guess some other sucker s got the sandwiches. Never had a good meal either Econ or.Business,class.

    1. Um actually, it’s called lack of care. I write for a living, not read BS. All new comments from people who haven’t commented before (says a lot) get moderated waiting for approval. Your whining shenanigans have been approved, as has this message, which you undoubtedly now regret.

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