British Airways is changing up its Tokyo flying routine, and for those that want to get into town quickly, it’s good news. For those hoping to make the journey on the Airbus A350 however, it’s not. As of March 2020, British Airways will move to double daily flights into Tokyo Haneda, saying sayonara to Narita for good. Here’s all the details…

british airways 787British Airways Double Daily To Haneda

Tokyo Haneda International is Tokyo’s closer international gateway, less than a half hours drive from central Tokyo. It’s often referred to as the city airport. From March 28th, 2020, British Airways will move to double daily Tokyo Haneda International flights and ditch their once daily Tokyo Narita slot.

Though many airlines do operate out of both Tokyo’s airports, it makes good sense operationally to streamline efforts, particularly to the airport preferred by most customers. The second flight will initially be operated by a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to accompany the current Boeing 777 offering on the Haneda route.

No A350 For Tokyo

It’s a good thing this is text and not a video blog. British Airways has also updated their flying schedule to note that the Airbus A350 will not indeed be coming online into Tokyo when the schedule shifts over, as previously planned. The British Airways A350-1000 was promised to teams throughout BA as a sales tool to entice lucrative bookings for the Olympics, but that no longer appears tenable.

A rumour is however circulating that after some “service enhancements”, an A350 may come online for the second half the year…

The A350 offers a relatively similar passenger experience in both economy and premium economy with the latest and greatest seats, similar to those found on the 787 Dreamliner, but it was the Club Suites up front which set the A350 apart and would’ve made it an attractive option for Tokyo flights.

Let’s hope things change on that front, or that a retrofitted Boeing 777 featuring the new suites will be included at a later juncture. This is mostly good news for BA passengers with Tokyo bookings, since they’ll now have easier access in and out of the city, and those with lounge access will enjoy better facilities.

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