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You’d have guessed first or business class would be excluded from a deal this epic using points, and you’d be wrong! British Airways has launched what is by far and away their most attractive loyalty promotion of the last decade, giving you a limited time to pay half the Avios points you usually would, for flights in all cabins, both near and far.

It’s really that simple, and it’s really that good, but seat availability is unlikely to outlast the length of the promotion, so here’s all the juicy details you need right now to take advantage of this incredible British Airways Avios opportunity.

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British Airways 50% Off Using Avios Sale

If you have British Airways Avios, today is an amazing day. In fact, the next week is.

For this week, and this week only, you can book any long haul British Airways flight in any cabin for 50% of the typical points via this incredible offer. For short haul, you can take 25% off the typical tally. If first class would typically cost 68,000 Avios one way, it’s all yours for 34,000 one way, or 68,000 return instead, and so on.

And by “any” flight, literally all routes apply, so have at it.

Yep, you could fly round trip first class to New York for 68,000 Avios plus taxes and fees. As might be expected, you still pay standard taxes and fees on these incredible points bargains, and you’ll still need to find availability, but that’s pretty easy these days. Pricing discounts should show automatically, but you may need to go through to the final booking pages to see the discounts apply.

Short on Avios? Don’t forget, you can transfer American Express Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards into British Airways Avios almost instantly, in case you need to top up your account, or also buy Avios from British Airways.

And yes! This works with BA Amex Companion Vouchers, and Chase too. It may not be supposed to, but it has been, at least for now.

Key Dates: BA 50% Off Using Avios Sale

This sale will be over, done and dusted on October 13th, which means you’ve got travel to book, and fast if you want the best seat availability. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel right away though.

You can book flights using these bargains from October 2020 through the 30th of June, 2021 with no specific blackout dates. One benefit of using Avios to book flights is that you can always cancel for a fee of a mere £35, and receive all your Avios, taxes and fees back.

You wouldn’t want to do this here, since you’d lose your amazing value from your points, but it’s a good reminder how much easier it is to get nearly everything back when cancelling a booking made with Avios, versus one made with cash.

When Will X Country Reopen For Travel?

GSTP has been hard at work tracking country opening dates and current expectations for when you’ll be able to return to your favorite spots. Here’s the latest on Africa, Asia and the USA. Many Caribbean destinations have already reopened, and many without 14 day quarantine requirements.

Even Japan is taking huge steps to reopen to travelers from all around the globe, welcoming back foreign students and others in October. Basically, travel in 2021 is looking really optimistic for most destinations, and there are plenty which are still open. At half price using Avios, there’s little to lose, and so much to gain.

Check out the details on British Airways Promo Page.

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  1. If I book and then need to change travel dates, would I have to pay the extra 50% Avios, or would the original be honoured?

  2. Question- Worth cancelling reward NY with Virgin Upper on the A350 and rebooking BA first on a 777 with a 2-4-1? Im torn. BA flight times better but……

  3. Does this apply to upgrade with avios also? Ie buy business and upgrade for 50% of the avios to first?

  4. Hey, this is best ever deal, just rebooked an April Mexico, was Biz/First, now First both ways, and less miles! Not worth paying for First, but worth paying less miles! Also booked Bueon Aires in June – only 85000 miles for this one, using another Amex Companion Voucher. This is a wild deal. Let’s hope BA is still around for us to use it!

  5. Only BA flights or partner flights too? How to avoid UK fees and taxes at least a little?

  6. Does this apply to short flights too? Like LHR x MUC?
    I am getting a one way ticket for 6375 avios per person on economy class (Euro Traveller).
    This looks completely different form the standard award chart. I am not understanding.

      1. Thank you.
        But what I mean is that looks like this flight is without discount or showing a different price.
        My understanding is that LHR x MUC is under 650 miles, then according to the award chat it should cost 4000 or 4500 avios correct? Then how can I see 6375 avios?
        If 6375 avios has the discount it means that full price would be 8500 avios which is Zone 3, much longer flights.
        I am not understanding.

  7. Just booked London to San Francisco First Class return in April 2021, 92500 points and £657 in taxes. Absolute bargin!

  8. Thank you for this. I had business class companion flights booked LHR – NYC. Cancelled and rebooked to first class, all it cost me was 2 * 10 minute phone calls. Even got a refund of £50 and 20000 avios.

  9. Have they ramped up the surcharges?! I got 2 x club world INV-JFK for £1,038 + 50k Avios + 2-4-1 voucher but I’m sure I got that rate from Glasgow a few years ago (v c£1.5k today). Made the APD saving much more appealing!

  10. Has anyone rebooked these. I have an April
    Flight, does the outbound need to be before June still?

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