Being grounded has its own benefits, if you take advantage of them. Even some of the world’s most frequent travelers miss out on little details, or tricks to get more out of their loyalty, or their points and over the years, we’ve compiled quite a few essential resources on everything it takes to make the most of British Airways loyalty, points and flying offerings.

Here’s a few essential resources on British Airways Executive Club to brush up on, since you’ll return to the skies smarter, or at least more assured than you were before. If you do brush up, that is…

LONDON, UK - August 10th, 2018: view of Heathrow airport with stormy skies and British Airways airplanes at their standsEarning British Airways Avios

Did you know there are at least 23 ways to earn British Airways Avios Points, most of which have nothing to do with flying. From phone contracts to wine purchases and even your sneakers to run off the jet lag, most can earn mega points. Here’s the low down on at least 23 of them

Earning British Airways Elite Status “Tier Points”

For those new to all this frequent flyer stuff, the first point of confusion is often tier points. What the heck are they, and why can’t I spend them? The answer is that they’re simply a term for qualifying for perks in the British Airways Executive Club. Get 300, get Bronze, get 600, Silver, and 1500 Gold. Silver and above is the sweet spot, and we’ve got all the tip and tricks to get you there in this post.

Using Your British Airways Avios

The short answer is there’s only one thing you can’t do with your miles, which is let them expire. But the long answer is that there are some ways to spend miles which are amazing value and very cool, and others which are nearly as bad as letting them expire and getting nothing. Here’s all the brilliant ways to spend your BA Avios points, so you don’t fall into the “as bad as letting them expire” camp.

Using Your Chase/Amex 2 for 1 Companion Voucher

Of all the FAQ’s, most of the ones GSTP ever receives are about the rules or ways to use the British Airways Amex Companion Vouchers. Virtually the same rules also apply for the Chase Visa in the USA, and we’ve got a really helpful resources with answers to all the questions you might have on the subject. Every FAQ you have about your Amex companion voucher is answered here.

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