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As of today, September 14th, more international flights can land into more US Airports, including from Europe, China and Brazil. The United States is dropping flight restriction measures which funnel all arriving passengers via select airports, while also disbanding airport screening measures for arriving passengers. 14 day quarantine advice from the US Centers For Disease Control was also previously terminated.

Vitally, and unfortunately for any travel plans, one travel restriction against who may board these flights remain in place, a Presidential Proclamation limiting immigration. The moves however are a strong sign that international travel restrictions are ramping down, as countries aim to safely recreate vital commerce and connectivity.

Most Europeans residents, including the United Kingdom, are currently banned from entering the United States of America, under a Presidential Proclamation from Donald Trump. Exceptions exist for those traveling on official business, or who are immediate family to a US person, such as a child, or spouse.

In recent weeks, new US government proclamations loosened business restrictions, allowing many European businesspersons to return to the USA with prior approval which involves the cancelling and reinstating of ESTA’s. With today’s removal of flight restrictions, people are the last remaining piece of the puzzle for the USA to welcome back European visitors.

In other words, planes can now fly freely from Europe to more airport gateways in the USA than before, are no longer required to land at specific screening airports, and 14 day quarantines for all arrivals have been dropped too. Most people just aren’t allowed on board, yet.

For Americans, advice against all international travel has also been dropped, with the USA removing “Level 4: Do Not Travel” guidelines.

On the news, the only thing standing in the way of a US vacation for most people in Europe is a proclamation from the President of the United States, which limits most immigration into the USA. With quarantine dropped and flight restrictions limited, the proclamation is the only remaining roadblock.

The President is facing calls from industry leaders to roll back the proclamations as markets and business sectors dependent on international trade and movement of people continue to face increasing challenges, or find better ways to mitigate risks.

Airlines on both sides of the pond have long called for rapid covid-19 testing to add layers of safety and security which could end the draconian policies, but the measures have thus far fallen on deaf ears in the US and UK. Elsewhere in Europe, a reciprocal ban of most US citizens remains in place, in the interim.

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  1. Has any U.K. citizen gone on holiday in a country not on the list for the presidential proclamation, and then flown to the US? I haven’t seen my partner in over a year now…trying to sort something out. Thank you!!!

    1. Follow the group: Love is not a Tourism on Facebook. There are loads of people going to a third (non-restricted) country for 14-16 days before flying to the U.S.

    2. Trying to do the same from Brazil! Do you think it will work? Bahamas, Cuba, the Caribbean are all currently open…

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