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Good accessories equals family travel, simplified.

Traveling with children for the first time is like experiencing travel all over again through new eyes. And with this new found vision, your experience can quickly range from extremely exciting to blindingly frustrating.

From screaming babies to runaway children – all while keeping track of multiple passports, iPads and other necessities there are a few brilliant accessories which can transform travel with kids forever. Here are a few sure to delight your next trip…

JetKids BedBox

For everyone on board, there’s nothing better than a flight where children sleep. Thanks to the cleverly designed BedBox, the chances instantly become much higher, with the convertible bed for economy seats.

For children up to seven years old this is the perfect gadget to turn a normal seat into a bed, allowing your child to lay down and get some proper rest. It also works as a ride-on suitcase, making  that long distance to the gate a whole lot more amusing – for everyone.

a plastic container with different colorsZoLi Snack Dispenser

Whether you’re a child or an adult, it’s tough to beat snack time. And when you’re traveling with kids, a snack can be the perfect defense in  stopping the “hanger” from ruining a perfectly nice trip.

These easy stackable containers keep your food fresh and are an easy, excellent addition to your travel bag. They also have an easy to pour spout, making it simple to transfer any liquids to a bottle. For hungrier children (or adults) they also make a larger size. Bringing snacks on the plane is one of the best ways to avoid unhealthy airline food while keeping everyone happy.

a group of colorful walletsMultiple Passport Holder

There’s always one person that ends up carrying everyones travel documents, and if you’re reading this – we can only guess who that might be! This beautifully designed up & away multi passport holder makes it easy to keep all the most important travel documents together in one, safe and easy to locate spot.

Each member of the family can choose their own color and lining. It makes family travel feel instantly stylish.

Mountain Buggy Bagrider

You’ve really gotta watch the video. The Bagrider allows any parent to browse the airport terminal with your toddler like everyone else with just one simple carry on case, the only difference is that it doubles as a buggy, making a comfortable seat for the little one too. It’s easy to use, safe, helpful and will create a lot of ‘oohs and ahhs’ when walking through the airport.

a package of baby wipesWet Wipes

It’s safe to say most parents will tell you that these are an essential item no matter how old your child becomes. Why? They’re just the most convenient way to wipe down any mess or spills – and as you know, they will happen. Try some of these eco friendly ones, which are good for your skin and better for nature, like: natracare wipes, Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature and M&Y wipes.

a pink and blue towels in a plastic bagWovii Towel

These super lightweight, soft and quick drying towels are the perfect travel towel. They come in a range of colours and sizes, are compact enough to fit just about anywhere and can easily double as a blanket if needed on the plane. The hooded Wovii is especially great for kids as they come out of the pool or sea, allowing extra beach time before transit time.

a red and white polka dot suitcaseBackpack Suitcase

Isn’t it nice when the children are able to carry their own belongings! These cool and practical bags have adjustable trolley handles and plenty of pockets, making it fun and practical for kids to feel like grown ups, with their own carry-on. Plus, the family looks awesome going through the airport, which makes for fantastic holiday cards. Check out these excellent rolling options from: Wellesley Backpack Suitcase, J World New York Rolling Backpack, Roxy Wheelie Backpack.

a collage of babies sitting in a chairTotSeat

If you’re traveling with younger children, keeping them in one place can prove brutally difficult. Enter the TotSeat.This lightweight and compact chair harness is super easy to travel with (fits in handbag) and is the perfect accessory for any kids between 6 and 30 months, allowing you to eat comfortably in any setting without balancing a child on your knee and a glass of wine in the other. No judgement here though! The TotSeat fits on nearly any dining chair, is safe, comfortable and easy to clean, which can come in handy!

a pair of headphones in a bagNoise Cancelling Headphones

Kids or no kids, there’s just about zero downside to having a great pair of noise cancelling headphones on any travel journey. Drowning out the noise from people and life around you is an extremely satisfying feeling, and a gift that truly keeps on giving.

A quality set of noise cancelling headphones can make a lasting impact in your travel comfort and happiness, and realistically, your kids may be tired of hearing your advice too! Here are some of the best no matter your budget, and some good ones for kids too.

a tablet with a pink coverTravel Games

Sometimes it’s best to go back to the old school way of keeping children entertained. Pack of cards, UNO, Travel Scrabble, Travel Connect 4, Top Trumps, Guess Who? The list of easy to pack travel games is endless, and can help to keep the whole family entertained. If you’re on a long flight and have exhausted old school games, then these tablets are great for kids too: Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, LeapPad and Jellipad.

What’s your most useful accessory for travel with kids?

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