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Whoever said nothing good happens on social media certainly doesn’t like to travel. We’re generally not too enthused when advertisements pop up on our Instagram feed, but yesterday one instantly caught our attention.

Suddenly, an ingenious picture of a happy child enjoying a flat bed popped up – not in business class, but in the economy cabin. For the first time in the history of Instagram, a product was worth clicking – and we became instantly obsessed.

Kids Luggage Turned Bed

First – it looks cool. Any kid would look pretty damn cool strutting around the airport with a roller bag, which they could ride on – if a parent is willing to tow! The BedBox luggage is designed for children under 7 and is meant to be used in window seats or middle seats on two aisle planes.

The idea is that the luggage, which does also have storage space, can convert into a perfect foot rest, complete with mini mattress and side cushions turning any economy seat into a children’s bed. You may not be comfortable, but your children might be.

a boy sitting in a seat with a phoneIt Looks Awesome

Our friend Travel With Massi was kind enough to share some non press photos of the BedBox from JetKids in use – and the kids look legitimately thrilled, without a clue they are in economy.

During flight, the top snaps off, toys games and other stow aways can pop out  and the suitcase becomes a seat extender and even includes a bonafide mini mattress to turn the seat into a bed. We’d dare to say it looks better than some up front!

a girl sleeping in an airplaneFun For All

We don’t have kids yet, but know plenty of parents who mention the difficulty and stress of traveling with children. Providing a chance for real sleep or leisure (for parents and children), while increasing fun and comfort for the kids is a serious win. We get absolutely nothing out out of promoting this, it just caught our eye and we think it’s obnoxiously clever.

The BedBox set goes for £139 or $199 and includes everything you need to turn a seat into a bed. They also have a handy FAQ. Business class on an economy budget? We love it.

How do you feel about this quirky invention?

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  1. It looks awesome but it would require me to fly in economy with my kid. So only good for flights under 2 hours.

    1. Hi Hal!
      I am Flavie from JetKids.
      BedBox is indeed recommended for people traveling long haul in Economy class. However, BedBox can also be set up on seat of better class if you feel your kid would need it.

  2. They should try and improve the language on the site, it’s so bad it makes me think the whole things a scam or a joke. “The children usually gets tired and exhausted, and many of them will need their sleep. However, the sleeping opportunities for children onboard e.g aircrafts are very limited.”

      1. Even if true, it’s not hard to find someone in Germany with impeccable English to fix this.

      2. And actually, it looks like they’re Norwegian. I’ve never been to Norway, but I suspect my comment remains true there.

      3. Dear all,

        I am Flavie from JetKids.
        Sorry for the phrasing in our website, we are indeed revamping the whole website and working with some English native speakers now.
        The two founders are Norwegians, I am French, so please excuse our English!

    1. Hi! I am Flavie from JetKids
      BedBox can be used from birth to 6-7 years old so s´depending on how often you’re traveling it can be worth it! 🙂

  3. Was the message communicated effectively? Yes. Not being an English as a first language speaker should not deter people from being able to post an article especially considering that more than 50 % of the world population are not English speakers

  4. I bought it while in the US and it is a clever little thing BUT NOT EVERY AIRLINE will let you use it. AIR FRANCE didn’t let me and my 10h flight was a mess. BRITISH AIRWAYS did and I had no problem. She slept 3h out of 10h and it was a perfect little bed. Good idea but I hate that they say all airlines. Not true.
    The sponge could be thicker and the inside could be covered with something. I think a bit too pricey but I bought it.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      I am Flavie from JetKids.
      Thank you for your feedback about BedBox!

      We do state we can’t guarantee the use of BedBox in all planes because an airline is a private company and can decide whatever they want. Here is the article I am referring to:
      However, we know it is a problem for our customers so we are working hard to solve this and contacting the airlines one by one. We already received official approval from many airlines like Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, KLM … and some other airlines hasn’t updated their website but do allow BedBox on board. We also became strategic partner of IATA and helped them to write some Guidelines about Comfort devices to help airlines tackle this matter.

      I wish you many other nice flights with your daughter!!

  5. I bought one, and it seems like a brilliant idea….until I found out that the airline we use for 99% of our travel doesn’t allow them to be used. So it’s still in its box unused.

    Was disappointed to find out that I couldn’t return it for a refund as somewhere on the website it says airlines don’t have to accept them. So what I’m left with is an extremely clever, but very expensive, piece of luggage that I’m unlikely to ever use.

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