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BrewDog, without question, is the UK’s most loved brewery and pub group. They make incredible jest of political leaders, support vaccination drives and bring backers along for the ride, in addition to just making a damn good beer. Now, they’re leaving on a jet plane, and heading to the sunny Las Vegas Strip.


BrewDog Opening Vegas Pub

An urban garden, a rooftop pool and beer, all on the Las Vegas strip. What could go wrong? BrewDog is keen to find out, and has secured a space on the Vegas strip which will become an instant attraction. The new bar will open above the Showcase Mall.

For daytime revelers, the space will provide open air drinking, a pool to cool down and some of BrewDog’s most limited edition beers, such as the famed and apt ‘Elvis Juice’ as well as exclusive brews. For night time, it’s much the same, with the addition of a fire pit adding to an absolutely iconic viewpoint to snap the strip.

And not to be forgotten in the debauchery Las Vegas offers, BrewDog will also open a beer museum at the new flagship US space, celebrating the history, future and greats of the craft.

a building with a glass cube with a pool and people
rendering of the new BrewDog Las Vegas pub, with beer garden, urban forest and pool.

BrewDog is rapidly expanding US locations, with a variety of hotels and breweries planned for everywhere from Atlanta to Pittsburgh and of course, Vegas. BrewDog is gambling on booming demand as the global health situation improves, after months of lockdowns.

When Does The Las Vegas Bar Open?

Las Vegas has proven a resilient destination for US travel throughout 2021, with casinos creating stringent protocols for guests and reducing capacity.

As a favored holiday destination for Brits, having a BrewDog location in Vegas may help keep weary travelers away from some of the watered down offerings typically found around Las Vegas Pools. Here’s looking at you, Bud Light.

Unfortunately, it may be a fair bit of time before the new BrewDog Las Vegas bar is open for a swim, a sip and a sun soaked view. BrewDog only recently took acquisition of the space, but when it does open, it’s sure to bring additional buzz to the famous strip.

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  1. UK’s most beloved brewery? I’d have to respectfully disagree. Seems even you’ve been sucked in by their hyperactive marketing machine.

    I think UK’s fastest growing independent brewery, UK’s most controversial brewery, UK’s most marketed independent brewery would fit as a headline, but love faded a while back when people realise their beer isn’t nearly as unique as their ability to market it. It isn’t even the UK’s highest rated brewery by a long shot on whatever poll site you visit (that did belong to the venerable Cloudwater at one time). Decent beer, but never ever great

    1. Ok, clever anonymous guy on the internet. What’s a more loved brewery in the UK? So easy to be a critic, not easy to be a contributing member of actual thought.

  2. Brewdog is an interesting brewery that have focused attention. There are many loved breweries in the UK, the trouble is when they become loved they get bought out by multi-national breweries who then go on to brew the beer as a commodity without love in their manufacturing plants worldwide.

    My thoughts is that the UK brewing industry is split into local/regional companies. Take a look at CAMRA. Personally, a well run independent pub, or even a Wetherspoons, where the manager loves beer, provides what I class as a loved brewery, rather than the mass produced beer from the multi-nationals.

  3. I live in Columbus, Ohio where Brew Dog has it’s US operations, hotel, breweries, etc. It’s a fun brewery that is a destination for many. I hope they have great success.

  4. Well said Sam. Gilbert – you should have mentioned that at BrewDog’s US HQ of Columbus, they ALREADY have a hotel at their brewery in addition to two “kennels” or boutique hotel rooms above one of their city centre taprooms. Being a travel blog, I’m surprised you didn’t even mention their BrewDog Airlines flight from London Stansted to Columbus in 2019. efp.brewdog.com/airline

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