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If you’ve been longing for the days where testing, forms and quarantines are distant memories, wait no more. Brazil is one of the latest countries to roll back pandemic era restrictions and drop Covid-19 testing prior to travel.

For people eligible to visit with a visa on arrival, or no travel visa at all, entry into this incredibly beautiful, spirited and delicious country is now as simple as booking a ticket and grabbing your passport.

Here’s what’s changed with the entry process and why it might be a great year to visit.

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Brazil Drops Pre-Travel Restrictions

No more health declarations and no more tests before departure, or after arrival. The easy days of visiting Brazil are officially back.

April has been a busy month for travel restrictions globally, with many countries using the first of the month to shed both confusing and time consuming travel restrictions.

Brazil has now done exactly that, which means that for fully vaccinated visitors able to obtain a visa on arrival, or who simply do not need one, the entry process is almost identical to the way it once was, before anyone knew what Covid-19 meant.

The country also has a carveout in place for people who were unable to get vaccinated or who have proof of recovery. Details for these cases can be found using these travel restriction resources.

In 2019, Brazil famously dropped visa requirements for a variety of countries including the US, Canada, Australia and Japan, enabling seamless travel.

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A Great Year To Visit Brazil?

Despite obvious global challenges, it could be a great year to visit Brazil. There are a few reasons for that. One major one: how slowly the traveling public digest any travel restriction changes.

Data shows that travelers have strongly favored destinations where either no travel restrictions, or minimal restrictions exist. For North American travelers, this had lead to an unprecedented wave of travel to Mexico. The Caribbean has seen a stunning boost as well.

People have largely been traveling to the closest international destination with the least hassle involved and that means places further afield, like Brazil, which now also fit the bill of “no travel restrictions” are ripe for exploration and value.

Beat The Price Hikes In Brazil

Major currencies like the US Dollar, Euro and British Pound have always done well in Brazil. As inflation rises elsewhere and heavily trafficked routes hit new price records this is a savvy play.

Huge demand has driven up prices to places that have steadily remained open, but airlines are eager to reboot key international links to places like Brazil. Without the huge influx of international visitors, hotel prices have remained stable, too.

In other words, there are still deals here, unlike other places.

There’s nothing quite like the beaches of Brazil, from Florianópolis to Rio De Janeiro and just about everywhere in between. I mean really, can you say you’ve done the world’s beaches before setting foot on the Copacabana, or Ipanema?

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  1. Gilbert ! You did no mention the how little safety is to travel to Brazil. Nobody wants to go in dangerous city like Rio.

  2. COVID restrictions not lifted. Still need to show vaccine passport and still need to wear masks.
    It’s far from ‘back to normal’.
    Your article’s title is dishonest.

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