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I’ll keep it simple: Blade is wonderful.

There’s just a lil’ something special about sipping a cocktail during the 5 min wait to board your chopper in the Blade lounge, which then takes under 7 minutes to fly from Manhattan to JFK, where yo are promptly whisked into a Black SUV to your departure terminal. It’s very, very James Bond.

I’ve been lucky to experience this unique pleasure a handful of times now, and as the daily rotations of ‘on demand’ Blade helicopter service from Manhattan heliports to JFK picks back up, Blade has an utterly tempting promo code.

It’s buy one get one, which means one person spends $195 and two people fly! By my count, that’s $97.5 per person, which isn’t far off an Uber. The views alone…

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Blade Buy One Get One Offer!

Blade is offering a buy one get one deal on its helicopter service between New York City and JFK Airport, which now runs 6 days a week. Until September 5th, anyone who books a Blade helicopter airport ride and enters the code PLUSONE at checkout during their booking will receive a second person free.

It’s unclear if the promo code stacks with other offers, like the refer a friend, but I’m always thrilled if you try GilbertO187 too. If they do stack, which has worked before, everyone wins. If not, take your plus one offer and enjoy!

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At $97.5, It’s Function And Fashion

Paying $97.5 per person to go to the airport from Manhattan is steep, sure, but a town car in rush hour can be similar, and horrendous. I’ve laughed my way through drinks in the city as people tell me I’ll miss my flight “it’s rush hour, are you nuts?”! only to reply that I’ll be at JFK in 10 minutes, whisked away by chopper.

It’s unique and it is excessive (to some), but it can be functional too. After a rough year for all, it’s an incredible way to get back into travel, with a little extra spice. There’s no telling how long the promo will last.

It says for rides until September 5th, but if uptake is huge, it may not last all that long. Long story short: if you want in, book while you can. If you’re trying to weigh out the pros and cons, you can read the GSTP review here. I paid for my seat, gladly.

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  1. Back in the day, when I was really working the TWA frequent flier program, they offered a free New York Helicopter ride between JFK and Manhattan if you were flying in First. Which I was. On miles. Man, those were the days…

  2. I just booked a one-way trip for two, using the buy one get one free promo code, plus I received $50 credit for using your referral code. This one-way flight for 2 cost me $145, a Uber at the same time has been quoted $188. Result! Thank you Gilbert

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