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As far as frivolous expenses go, this one is really fun…

If you live in New York and use apps or car services to get to the airport, there’s a very, very fair chance that you’ve paid over $180 for a ride during rush hour. Those “surge” fares are the scourge of every traveller, but sadly a part of life in the big city. That is, until Blade decided to launch helicopter service to and from New York Airports for $195 one way.

With a flight time of five minutes and a wow factor of borderline priceless, it’s extremely attractive if not entirely aspirational. Sure, it may be a bit frivolous, but with the right wording, an expense account manager should surely understand. Just tell them how much more productive you’ll be with the time you save in transit?

Blade just announced new routes between Manhattan, Newark and LaGuardia, and if the service wasn’t tempting enough before, you now have lightning fast options to all three airports, running all day from 7AM-7PM. It’s free to dream…

a city with a body of water and cloudsThe News

Blade launched shared helicopter flights between Manhattan and JFK Airport just weeks ago, and apparently, they’ve sold like hot cakes. At $195 one way, you can fly virtually any time of day, getting from the helipad in NYC to the airport (or vice versa) with a flying time of 5 minutes. All in, by the time you arrive at the terminal door the experience takes 20 minutes.

Obviously when you make things that sell like hotcakes, you make more things that sell like hotcakes, so Blade has launched continuous daily service to Newark Liberty and LaGuardia Airports as well. The routes allow you to travel between:

  • BLADE (East 34th Heliport) and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) 
  • BLADE Downtown/Wall Street Heliport and LaGuardia Airport (LGA) 
  • BLADE (West 30th Heliport) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) 

How To Book

The routes are announced, but sadly they’re not yet live. Flights between Manhattan and JFK are bookable on virtually day, with the exception of those already sold out, but the regularly scheduled flights for LaGuardia and Newark are not yet loaded. GSTP has reached out to Blade to find out when we can start entering our 16 digit card numbers and will report back shortly.

Like most of these things, there’s just one small catch: the flights only include carry on luggage, so if you plan to bring a full sized checked bag case, you’ll need to pay a supplement. With all the brilliant packing tips out there these days, who checks bags anyway?

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  1. The only catch is that your carry on bag has to weigh something like 20lbs or less… for any trip longer than 1-2 days mine usually weighs more.

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  3. I think I booked a tour with you on the 15 january 2020 at 2pm for 2 people but lost the email so could you resend it please

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