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There’s undeniable allure to Delta’s American Express Gold, Platinum and Reserve credit cards. Bonuses up to 60,000 points just for some spending are often too good to pass up. Delta miles however are trickier to use than ever, so if you’re planning to snag one of these fantastic bonuses, we’ve got a few ways to spend the Delta Amex Credit Card bonuses in style…

an airplane with seats and windows20,000-30,000 Miles For An Upgrade

One of the best ways to spend your new bonus is on transcontinental, or international upgrades. Delta doesn’t make this very transparent, since you must actually call them to ask if upgrades are available. But if you don’t mind a little phone chat, you can quickly turn a cheap economy ticket into a delightful bed in the sky, with something bubbly to go with it! Here’s a detailed explanation of how to upgrade on Delta. With 60,000 points you could score three one way upgrades.

70,000 Miles Business Class To Europe

Delta offers great direct flight to Europe from many US cities, and all feature flat beds, multi course dining and other perks, like SkyClub access. Flights are available in business class for 70,000 points and just $5.60 one way from the U.S. to Europe.That’s an excellent deal. After meeting the spending requirement, it would be easy to make the jump from 60,000 to 70,000 points. Use Delta’s calendar tool to find dates where 70,000 point “Delta One” tickets are available and book!

a city street with many tall buildings and people crossing it5,000 Miles Promo Flights In The US

The general wisdom is not use points if you can book the cash ticket comfortably, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a free flight if it sounds nice. Delta now runs special promotions for Amex cardholders and Skymiles members, where certain routes will be discounted to just 5,000 points one way on select dates. Using these promotions, someone could easy take 12 free flights within the US. Not bad at all, eh?

$700 Value Toward Any Ticket For 70,000 Points

If flexibility is the most important thing for you, you can apply your miles towards the cash cost of any ticket. So if, say, a $1200 business class ticket to Europe is for sale, you could spend 70,000 points to make it just a $500 round trip ticket. You stand the potential to earn almost 20,000 points when you actually fly too, making it a phenomenal deal. And elite status!

a person holding a bottle of wine10,000 Miles For Ridiculous Champagne

If you can find your way into a Delta SkyClub, Delta will let you purchase bottles of Krug or Dom Perignon for 10,000 or 12,500 miles respectively. It’s not unheard of to ask to open the bottles yourself, so that leaves potential for them to be consumed at a later time – if ya’ get what we’re saying. 70,000 points for $1400 worth of champagne isn’t too bad at all. Here’s how to look like a pro consuming it.

35,000 Miles For Business Class To Mexico

Sometimes sitting on a beach, or up in the desert of Mexico sounds perfect. With the 70,000 point Delta Amex card bonus, you can go round trip in business . Be sure to look at the cost of buying the ticket in cash, before booking using points. You can always use your Delta Skymiles at one cent a piece, towards the cost of any cash ticket. When you do, you’ll earn miles back when you book a cash ticket.

What’s your favorite way to spend Delta Amex bonuses?

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  1. You can still get Air France flights also, but it is really tough, and direct flights do not seem to exist. I scored one for 85K DL points OW from EWR-CDG, but it is routed through DTW first, which makes no sense, but it is at least possible. You have to look at awards as far back as possible to do it.

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