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From October 1st, Barbados will introduce new travel entry measures.

The updated protocols are designed to balance vital safety during covid-19 with measures allowing travelers to enjoy time in sunny paradise, with minimal disruption. Here’s everything you need to know about the changing restrictions, including who will need a second test on the island.

Barbados New Travel Protocols

Barbados currently groups travel into high risk, medium, low and very low. For travel from October 1st, all arrivals from high and medium risk countries will be required to provide a recent negative covid-19 test certificate, taken within 72 hours of arrival, and high risk countries will also need to submit to a second test, 2-3 days after arrival.

As you might have guessed, this means all travelers from high risk countries, which now include the US and UK, will need to remain on the grounds of a pre-approved hotel or villa accommodation for 2-3 days until their second negative covid-19 test result is achieved, at which point they’re free to go.

A list of pre-approved holding hotels and villas can be found here.

All other travelers will be allowed to exit immigration and proceed directly to their accommodation.

Previous caveats allowed some travelers to test on arrival instead of in advance of flight, which threw plans into chaos with entire flights became subject to quarantine if someone tested positive on the ground. The new plans mitigate that risk.

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Coming from a high risk country?

The good news: the pre-approved resort is mostly yours to enjoy, and there are some lovely properties where the 2-3 day quarantine can be endured poolside. It’s hardly a prison sentence.

Once double tested and out and about to self monitor, travelers will receive up to 7 days of daily text or phone call check ups from Bajan health authorities, to ensure you don’t note any symptoms.

Barbados doesn’t charge for the second covid-19 test, If you take it at a government facility. But if you’d like it administered poolside at your resort or villa, without having to move at all, charges vary.

The Right Balance In Safety?

These new moves from Barbados offer high risk travelers an easier route to enjoying their holiday, versus the previous 7 days or more of mandatory quarantine. Adding a testing based “out” for travelers mitigates the vast majority of risk, and demanding all tests be taken before flight gives passengers an easier feeling on board, similar to new protocols from Antigua.

This may not be as care free as visiting Barbados last year, or any year prior, but what is? These new measures add metered safety to a Caribbean destination famous for outdoor enjoyment, where covid-19 transmission is less likely. Plus, the Vitamin D can’t hurt.

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  1. It’s a test 72 hours before arrival not 96 hours! Please update the blog?

    Great website and thanks for all the blogs, read them every day!

  2. Hi Gilbert,
    Does the test in the UK have to be done within 72 hours of your flight from the UK taking off or landing at Barbados? Or is it based on the date on your certificate? We are flying to Barbados on Monday 16th November, live in Scotland, & flying to Barbados from Heathrow at 13.30. I am having difficulty finding somewhere that carries out testing late on a Friday & analyses over the weekend. Any help appreciated

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