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For any food focused visitors, a chance to try ‘Jay Fai’, the legendary Bangkok stall offering what is arguably the world’s greatest crab omelette and drunken noodles has been a key focus of any visit to Thailand.

Sure, it’s more expensive than other stalls, but the food lives up to the hype, and the novelty of low key Michelin Star dining is not lost on many.

Between entry restrictions and curbs on gatherings like long queues, it’s been more of a dream than a reality for more than a year though.

With Thailand open for quarantine free travel now, that’s changing. In some ways, Jay Fai will be far more accessible than ever, as measures to limit large groups create new and exciting opportunities: like more advanced reservations.

Now that travel is easier and restrictions in the country are beginning to ease, people are getting back to the joy of eating, and Jay Fai is taking reservations. If you’ve got a trip planned, it might be time to plan ahead and make a resy!

a street with people and cars

Jay Fai Bangkok Reservations

According to Jay Fai’s official Instagram page, the restaurant and stall is now taking reservations for January and beyond. Rather than queueing up and hoping for a table, which in the past could take (many) hours, this is a neat chance to reserve a seat.

Since inbound travel isn’t quite what it used to be, it’s also a chance to secure a table without thinking nearly a year in advance.


Bangkok is finally beginning to lift a variety of covid-19 related restrictions, including curfews on night life and alcohol sales, and by mid-to late January, most are expected to be rolled back.

Thailand is one of the great “foodie” capitals of Asia and a key driver in tourism from the West. Jay Fai has risen to stunning critical acclaim and is known as the “godmother” of the wok.

Unlike other relatively low key establishments in Asia which earned a coveted Michelin Star and quickly capitalized, Jay Fai kept much of the operation the same, resisting the temptation to brand products or franchises. During the pandemic, Jay Fai even offered takeout to loyal patrons.

For anyone headed back to Bangkok, this may be a table too good to pass up.

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  1. Expensive and decidedly average food, this overhyped place with poor service should be firmly on the ‘avoid’ list for “any visit to Thailand”.

    Everyone mentions the crab omelett, which is good, but it’s not worth the money or hassle. There are so many better options Bangkok.

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