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Jay Fai has been called Thailand’s grandmother of the wok, and is one of the worlds most celebrated chefs in a nation of incredible flavor. From humble beginnings, she mastered the art of the wok, and her humble Bangkok shop front now holds a coveted Michelin Star.

In normal times, grabbing a seat at Raan Jay Fai involves standing in a lengthy queue, and even then, it helps to know someone. But these aren’t ordinary times, and in response to #stayhome, Jay Fai is doing takeout only, and it makes me wish I was in Bangkok right now.

No lines, no waiting, just cheap (relatively speaking), heavenly Michelin starred, food ready to go.

The thought of a Jay Fai Crab Omelette, or drunken noodle. right now is too much to take in, and the idea of phoning ahead and avoiding the queues may be one of the brighter silver linings throughout these horrible struggles humanity is facing.

Bangkok deserves it, and the rest of the world can longingly watch through Instagram, with deep sadness.

a street with people and carsThe food industry is one of the worst hit during the global pandemic, particularly with cities in Europe and the USA in lockdown, with all non-essential businesses closed. Public gatherings, aka eating in a restaurant banned, and there’s no telling when the lights will turn on again.

For some restaurants, such as Jay Fai, it has lead to some great inventiveness and exciting new dishes, with restaurants nimbly adjusting to survive through these times. Even some of the most celebrated chefs in Europe, the USA and beyond are delivering ready meals you can heat up for later.

If you weren’t hungry before you started reading, you should be now, so make sure to support any restaurants which have chosen to remain open for takeout or delivery during these tough times.

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