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There’s been much speculation about when Bali will reopen for tourists to eat, pray and love on the island, and the many idyllic surrounding islands, like Nusa Lembongan or Gili Trawangan.

First, there was a plan floated to open on September 11th, which was quickly quashed by the Indonesian Government, and then, recently, a document leaked suggesting Bali would open December 1st. Obviously, that hasn’t happened, and authorities suggest it won’t be any time in 2020, after all.

Bali Reopening Delayed, Again

After seeing what happened of Balinese Governor Wayan Koster’s plans to reopen on September 11th, GSTP opted not to cover rampant rumors of Bali reopening to foreign travelers on December 1st, 2020.

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Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Quickly after the leaked plans made the rounds with global media, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati Bali’s Deputy Governor, who goes by ‘Cok Ace’, whatever that means, indeed quashed all hopes once again, stating it’ll be early 2021, at best…

“There are no plans to open tours for foreign tourists on December 1. It looks like it will be early next year it will only open for foreign tourists,”

Cok Ace, Deputy Governor of Bali

The message: Bali won’t be opening for you this year.

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As Bali heads into high season, and vaccines begin to make their way into public hands, hopes for a better 2021 are high, and the Indonesian Island, ever popular with travelers from around the globe could easily open in January. For safety, it just might be best to wait until an official announcement comes, rather than relying on leaked rumors.

Bali offers a variety of incredible outdoor, socially distanced ways to travel safely, including volcanic hikes, surfing, motorcycle rides and incredible vantage points from the jungle to the sea. The island also offers some of the world’s most stunning hotels, including the Alila Ululwatu and Viceroy Ubud.

As a massively tourism dependent island, Balinese officials will continue to press for Presdident Joko Widodo and the Indonesian Government to open things up, but ultimately everything depends on rulings from Jakarta. Hope for trips to Bali in 2021 remain high, but you might want to aim for the second half of the year.

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    1. Calling your bluff, because you read/scrolled through the entire articla dn made it down past all the text of the article and into the comments section!

  1. We have to balance health, environment and the well being of the Balinese. My wish is for the government to allow international tourist for the peak season by limiting the number of arrival.

  2. It would be so nice if they took this much needed break from the onslaught of tourists to clean up the environment there.
    I believe just having less people is good for that piece of heaven.
    Can’t wait to get back.

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