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British Airways is extending elite status again for many members, and even going a step further, with new temporary perks for Silver and Gold members, that may last quite a while.

The latest update comes amid increased frustration at US officials which continue to block highly vaccinated visitors from the UK and Europe, while allowing unvaccinated visitors from other areas of the world to pour in without issue.

With many people starting to finally book getaways and miss the joys of champagne or a meal in the lounge, the timing couldn’t be better, so here’s what to expect from the latest round of updates.

British Airways Latest Status Extension

British Airways Executive Club Bronze, Silver and Gold statuses have already been extended into 2022, but members who reset between January and March of 2022 will now get an additional year. Per an Executive Club communication…

British Airways is further protecting the Tier status of Executive Club Members.  From today, any tiered Executive Club Members with a Tier Point collection end date between January – March 2022 will receive another year of their current status.

It means that no British Airways Executive Club Member renewing over this period, including Bronze, Silver and Gold card holders will lose their Tier status, regardless of how many Tier Points they have earned.  This benefit comes in addition to a 25% threshold reduction in Tier Status which applies until June 2022.British Airways

British Airways operates a unique system for qualification, where members “years” start at different times, rather than by a calendar year. I, for example, have a renewal in September, and my status expires in October. My status is currently protected until October 2022, which gives me from now until then to retain the status.

Members can find out their current expiration date by logging into their Executive Club accounts on the British Airways website. The thresholds required are now as follows…

  • Bronze: 225 Tier Points or 18 eligible flights
  • Silver: 450 Tier Points or 37 eligible flights
  • Gold: 1125 Tier Points 

Here’s all the ins and outs of maximizing your tier points earning.

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Extra Limited Time Perks For Silver, Gold And More

International travel is still a long ways from pre-pandemic levels, but for those who are dipping their toes back in, it’s more rewarding than usual. British Airways is extending perks like pre-flight dining, regardless of what cabin you’re flying, to all Silver and Gold members.

These perks apply at British Airways and partner lounges that include pre-flight dining facilities, including: New York JFK, Boston, Washington DC and Chicago.

Gold Guest List (GGL) members will also be invited to access the Concorde Room in both New York and London on all trips. This is a significant “upgrade” for Gold Guest List members who will now have access to BA’s premier lounge offerings.

BA Companion Voucher Extensions Too

Earning perks and getting burned by them is never fun, so British Airways has ensured that any vouchers earned should have a fair chance to be used. Accordingly, vouchers which were due to expire before December 31st, 2021 received a 6 month extension.

On top of this Tier extension, in February, British Airways announced a six-month extension to all Executive Club vouchers, due to expire before 31 December 2021. This was the third extension that was applied, following similar extensions in March 2020 and October 2020 and included Gold Upgrade Vouchers and American Express Companion Vouchers. British Airways is also adding an additional six-months validity to all new Companion Voucher or Travel Together tickets earned between June 2020 and the end of December 2021.

British Airways

Fresh on the heels of Virgin Atlantic extending status for an additional 6 months, it’s fantastic to see British Airways up the ante, and not only extend status, but hone in on useful benefits too.

Pre-flight dining is one of the best ways to help avoid jet lag and maximize sleep on an overnight flight, and adding this perk is certainly an incentive to fly BA, as and when US travel resumes for more people. That, and for those in the pointy end, Club Suites and First are improving things quite a bit too.

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