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With inflation being everyone’s favorite word du jour, it feels like it’d be hard to convince someone that its possible to grab flights and hotels and jet off somewhere delightful for about $1/£1 per person. Incredibly, it’s true.

British Airways has launched a new option to use Avios, which allows travelers to book entire flight and hotel, or flight hotel and car packages using Avios. With things like two person trips to Spain with flights and at least two nights of hotel for 67,650 Avios and a grand total of £1 for two — nope, not per person! — there’s a lot to love.

Choice is good, so here’s everything that matters about these new offers allowing you to use Avios for British Airways holidays, including even for trip deposits.

British Airways Holidays & Avios

Avios are proving increasingly valuable with recent changes lowering taxes and fees and huge recent card bonuses certainly don’t hurt either.

Now, there’s a new way to cash out Avios, that might be just the ticket for people who want a nice getaway but don’t want to pay more than £1/$1 in cash for their flights or hotel. Even if you’re made of money, a trip for £1 has quite a ring to it. You can’t get a coffee for that.

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Avios For Trip Deposits

British Airways Holidays is still offering double tier points to earn elite status with the airline and is often a source of great deals. Airlines are often willing to eat part of the retail fare for those booking holiday packages, which can lead to real savings.

Avios holders can now use their points as the deposit for a trip, allowing you to lock in a great trip without any cash outlay at all. Even for pricier trips in first or business class, BA holidays offers low deposits starting around £300.

Avios For Entire Trips

It’s always healthy to break out the value calculator and price out a trip offering with points, in cash as well to compare value — but either way you can now use Avios to cover entire British Airways Holidays trips. You can also use them to cover part of a trip too.

This can be to book flight and hotel, flight hotel and car, flight and car or basically any permutation. Whatever the cash price, there will be an Avios price too.

Again, it’s good to zoom out and look at the prices in cash separately, or elsewhere, but quite often the BA holidays price are tough to beat and these Avios prices sound very competitive. A couple real live examples from London include…

  • Barcelona: Round trip flights and two nights’ hotel from £1 + 67,650 Avios for two people sharing (50p + 33,825 per person)**
  • New York: Round trip flights and three nights’ hotel from £1 + 246,275 Avios for two people sharing (50p + 123,188 Avios per person)**
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These prices will sit differently with everyone viewing them, but there’s a lot to love. For many people it’s all about the food, wine, museums and shopping at the other end, so being able to use points to cover flight and hotel is everything.

Paying 123,188 Avios per person for a trip to New York with three nights of hotel and no cash outlay is incredibly competitive, considering flights alone would cost 50,000 Avios per person, so you’re only paying an incremental 70,000 ish Avios per person for three nights of hotel.

Choice Is Great

Blog readers tend to get a bit holy about sacred points valuations, but for most people a deal is a deal and not forking over cash is not forking over cash. These offers simply give new choice to British Airways Avios holders and expand the ways you can redeem points at very solid rates.

Everyone can mix and match how many Avios they’ll use, if any, and during promos or great hotel sales some phenomenal values are likely to creep out. You can check out how Avios sits within the new British Airways Holidays.

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  1. “Blog readers tend to get a bit holy about sacred points valuations, but for most people a deal is a deal and not forking over cash is not forking over cash.”

    That sounds like a great excuse, but you should at least come clean with why you aren’t even mentioning the cash rates or valuations – I’m seeing it a bit over 0.4p per Avios (e.g. over 100k Avios for a 443GBP 2 night trip to Barcelona). Are you saying you legitimately consider this a deal or are you being coy with prices to get more people to click on your affiliate link?

    1. The point is that everyone comes across Avios, or points in different ways. For some, cash is tight and Avios are plentiful as a result of business spend or work travel. For others, both are abundant and others its inverse. Plenty of people choose any option that doesn’t mean forking over hard currency. I don’t see that as a problem and it seems overly analytical to use but one data point for a dynamic pricing system.

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