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The UK and card bonuses are like middling professional sports teams. They’re in the league, but basically no one cares. That’s a normal day, but today isn’t a normal day.

In an exciting move, the British Airways Amex Premium Card is offering a record setting bonus of 70,000 points as a welcome, which bundled with recent card changes makes it more desirable than ever.

It quite literally has never gotten better than that, so if you’re in the UK and are looking for a great kickstarter to get into the points game, or a top up, this is a great card with a record bonus.

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BA First Class. Business class fares can be upgraded to First, using Avios.

British Airways Premium Plus 70K Offer

In the United States, we typically don’t get out of bed for airline card bonuses under 100,000 points, but in the UK — anything over 30,000 points is dubbed extraordinary.

With a bonus of 70,000 Avios, this is quite literally the most extraordinary UK BA Amex offer to date. And with a companion voucher that’s now far more valuable thanks to the recent British Airways reward flight pricing changes, it’s even better.

Changes to the companion voucher last year also make it attractive for solo travelers too, since it can be equally effective for one person.

The card carries a £250 annual fee, but considering you should be able to save a ton of Avios by using it when a companion voucher is triggered, the annual fee should always be more than justified. For example, on a New York trip, it’ll save me 160,000 Avios on the second passenger, which I personally value at over £2000 of value in the year.

With the lower surcharges of just £350 per person round trip to many destinations in Club World, it’s an even simpler equation. If you’re not earning a companion voucher each year with £10,000 in spend it may still be worth it for the big 70,000 Avios bonus alone.

Quick Recap: British Airways Avios Changes

British Airways recently massively decreased the cash surcharge portion for reward flights booked using Avios. That came with an increase in the Avios price for flights, but its far easier to earn more Avios — particularly with bonuses like this — than to just up a salary.

Someone grabbing the British Airways Premium Plus card and spending £10,000 to trigger a companion voucher would now pay £700 round trip in taxes for two people and 160,000 Avios total to New York in business class, compared to typically 120,000 points and over £1600 total for two previously.

Solo travelers are able to use the voucher to halve the Avios needed for one and would be able to book a trip like London to New York in business class for £700 and 80,000 points round trip.

Who Can Get The Card?

The rules are pretty simple. You can get this card and most importantly the bonus, if the following applies to you.

“I understand I will not be eligible for any Welcome Bonus award if I hold or have held any personal British Airways American Express Cards in the past 24 months.”

American Express

In GSTP’s opinion, this is a great time to get a family member or travel companion involved if you’re not personally eligible. Fortunately, Mrs. GSTP was and just locked in the best bonus ever on this card.

The direct link to apply for the card can be found here. We get nothing from this.

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