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Enough with the sweaters already! This holiday season, how about something to dream about in 2021 instead, right? British Airways Sale has landed, and it’s got the prices people were hoping for during Black Friday.

There’s £369 Premium Economy deals, low deposit holiday offers, and business class from £1199 round trip in the new Club Suites. And economy from £258 means there’s a lot to like…

British Airways Sale

Travel is looking a lot more promising in 2021, particularly during the second half the year. Country restrictions are expected to drop, vaccines should be humming and with all that we missed out on in 2020, it’d be nice to revisit favorites both old and new.

Here are some British Airways Sale highlights in each cabin, mostly for departures from London. Keep in mind, virtually all of these deals benefit from the BA Flexibility Policy, which waives change fees right now. And also keep in mind, if you’re looking in reverse – like New York to London, pricing will be completely different.

Dates will vary slightly for each destination, but this sale goes for travel in almost all of 2021, with dates until the end of November. You must book by February 2nd, 2021, but most deals will be long gone by then.

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British Airways Club World (Business)

British Airways plans to have all New York flights operated by the new Club Suite business class by Summer 2021, and you’ll find it on a variety of destinations too. Some of the best business class offers in the BA Sale

  • Kingston from £1186 Round Trip
  • New York for £1199 Round Trip
  • Seattle for £1295 Round Trip
  • St. Lucia for £1395 Round Trip
  • St. Kitts for £1450 Round Trip
  • San Francisco for £1495 Round Trip
  • Orlando for £1499 Round Trip
  • Tokyo for £1700 Round Trip (from Inverness)

BA World Traveller Plus (Premium)

Premium economy is a great way to ensure extra comfort and get a decent nights sleep, or a little room to stretch out on a long flight. It’s also an incredibly cheap way to get into business class by using Avios. It costs around 20,000 Avios Points each way to upgrade to Club World (complete guide to upgrading) and can be fantastic value.

  • £369 New York, Boston or Washington DC (From Inverness)
  • £489 New York Round Trip
  • £535 Boston Round Trip
  • £585 Dubai Round Trip
  • £687 San Francisco Round Trip
  • £600 Los Angeles Round Trip
  • £750 Tokyo Round Trip (From Inverness)

All the offers can be found, searched and booked here.

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BA World Traveler (Economy)

If you’re hoping to stretch the budget further, which is always a good thing, there are some really solid offers in economy too. If you’re thinking this way, it’s seriously worth considering package flight + hotel options, if you can find a second traveler.

In many cases, you can get 3 nights of hotel for £100 more than flights alone, if two are sharing, such as New York for £269 flight only, or £369 per person if two people book a flight + 3 night hotel package. The same could be said for Dubai, where 3 nights with hotel for two people is only £335 per person.

Package Deals FTW

It’s worth noting that package deals can offer savings in every cabin, when booking for two. As if £489 Premium Economy isn’t a massive bargain, £500+ for the same flights plus 3 nights of hotel certainly is.

If you’re traveling with a companion, be sure to browse these holiday packages, which also allow you to pay over time, with just a deposit today. An easy way to build a trip packages is with ‘customize my trip’, or via the dedicated offers page, where you can play with ‘cabin’, and flexible dates. Enjoy the sale!

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    1. HAHA. Shame is for people who lead countries into the ground, or share racist thoughts. All your comments in recent weeks seem a bit lost and full of random rage. I hope you’re well, and that you find some joy this holiday season. I can recommend Love Actually and a bubble bath, for a start.

      I’m highlighting opportunities which…

      – Will help people travel for less, to the places BA still does fly. Every airline is shrinking, they made changes they had to.
      – May help keep BA from cutting more routes, as demand comes back to places they see as possible to operate.
      – Illustrating ways to take already great fares, and make them greater, again. Like booking £369 Premium and upgrading to business using miles.

      Happy Holidays…

      1. Hi Gilbert,

        I have enjoyed your content for a long time. The articles about deals, travel reviews, news and more.

        Ignore the idiotic comments, there are always imbeciles.

        In the meantime, I wish you a happy festive period!

        Kind regards


        PS – Loved the article about adding infants to bookings. Highly relevant information for me!

      2. Hi Gilbert
        Well said, love the way you kept your cool in the reply you gave..I’m not sure I would have been as diplomatic!
        Continue with the good work, keep the offers rolling in – you find ’em..I book’em!!!!
        Best wishes to you all for the holiday season.

      3. Thank you for your posts. I’ve been a long time followers.

        It’s a shame that some commenters have to let their negativity fly.

        I can see how one can get frustrated in these uncertain times, but that doesn’t excuse taking ones anger out on someone who is helping us thread through this.

        Stay safe and carry on.

  1. I recently booked a flight to St Lucia in BA’s Black Friday promotion, same flight is now about £300 cheaper in their sale, can I rebook at cheaper rates( I part paid with Avios)

  2. Hey
    What I would do is cancel the booking, get a voucher and rebook. Obviously you would have to keep the remaining credit in voucher form but if you fly regular on British Airways then that shouldn’t be a problem.
    Oh yeah and one more thing…You’d have to make sure the upgrade was still available if that’s what you used your Avios for, otherwise it would be a straight cancellation, voucher issued and Avios returned immediately, then just start fresh with a new booking.
    Hope this helps.

    1. thank you for your help I have an economy flight upgraded to Premium Economy with Avios. I can use the difference in voucher for a flight I have to take to LA later in the year

  3. This is BA we’re discussing, I have only two words of comment…


    …look at how BA have treated customers and staff over the last year.

  4. Are there any deals on Avios? I have umpteen companion vouchers and thousands of Avios and grounds on not being able to travel for so long!!

  5. HI There, I’m holding off buying a flight to San Jose, Costa Rica as I was hoping to catch the BA luxury sale. Please may I check if you have heard anything on the grapevine? normally they would have a sale during Easter, but as we’re not living in “normal times” ……
    Thanking you in advance.

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