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British Airways and IAG Loyalty, the group that runs the Avios program, are quickly finding ways to make the currency part of every day life, rather than just the high life above the clouds.

The latest new way to earn Avios: BP points, from filling up the car. Who would’ve ever thought something so boring and mundane could stack up into flights or upgrades. Of course, these points are earned on top of any points you earn from actually paying for the gas/petrol using a card which earns Avios.

Here’s everything you need to know about this new partnership, including conversion rates from BPme points to British Airways Avios and more.

BPme Becomes Avios Transfer Partner

This year, Avios and British Airways infiltrated British supermarket shopping once again, with a partnership allowing people to convert Nectar Points into Avios, and vice versa.

My sister in law managed to convert £40 of Nectar Points into £100 off a BA flight during a recent promotion, so the partnership really can be fantastic both ways.

But now its all about another every day activity, for everyone who isn’t on a Tesla waiting list. BPme rewards allows you to earn points at BP stations, and now the rewards can be converted into British Airways Avios.

The new transfer ratio from BPme Rewards to Avios is 40 to 25. In other words, 4,000 BPme points would give you 2,500 Avios, and so forth. The new partnership officially took flight on September 15th, so transfer opportunities are now live.

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You must link your BPme Rewards with British Airways, which can be done with BP here, or BA here. If you’ve been sitting on many years of BPme points, this could be quite an exciting day!

More Ways To Earn Is Never A Bad Thing

This may not make too many overnight points millionaires, but more ways to earn travel, from things you do every day is never a bad thing.

Via British Airways and Avios partnerships with online retailers, supermarkets, wine clubs and now BP, there are so many ways to earn travel, upgrades or discounts on future flights without hitting the skies.

Obviously, hitting the skies is the greatest, and a great way to earn, but more ways to fuel trips on the ground is hard to argue with.

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