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When I’m at the airport, no lounge or bar brings as much joy to my face as the excitement you see from a person or group embarking on their first big trip. It’s that “Love Actually” kind of happiness. They don’t care about seat pitch or airline catering switches, they just want to see the world for their own eyes, or spot the person they’ve been longing to meet.

It’s so reaffirming that travel is therapy and travel is inherently good.

I’m writing today, because I get to be that person for the first time in a long time.

My partner and I had an extremely trying start to the year and went through a very deep personal sadness. I mention it, because doing exactly this was a saviour. I found purpose and joy in writing to you and hopefully helping to inspire your next great trip, tip or deal. This is a two way street, always, and you gave much more to me during that time than I could have for you.

While pushing through and writing to you, I found a great deal to Australia and without hesitation, we booked it. For two months it’s been the thing we’ve longed for as we’ve gotten back to work and for the last week, we’ve been as giddy and excited as those people who sleep in tents outside the Apple Store before a new phone comes out. I can’t remember a time I’ve been this excited to travel. It may be decades.

Sometimes you aren’t running away, you just need to get away.

We stood strong, looked everything in the eye and kept going, but the promise of a perfect trip was a big help in doing so. There was something on the horizon that would be great, and we just needed to work everyday to get there.

We’re going to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and doing it in ways we never do, which basically means we’re taking our time and I’ll be spending far less time on here talking about it. That’s not to say you’re not going to see the very best coverage of the new Virgin Atlantic A350 on Monday, which for legal reasons I cannot say whether I’ve seen or not. Tune in around 2PM EST, 7PM BST btw.

Of course there’s exciting things en route, like business class on the Cathay Pacific 777 and A350, but it’s waking up everyday with no schedule and no responsibilities in one of the most beautiful parts of the world that us so excited. How often in life do you get to wake up somewhere special and make it whatever you’d like? There are no wrong answers.

Travel holds so much emotional power for us all and it’s safe to say that I’m already the happiest I’ve been in months, and we haven’t even left yet. Just knowing that there will be quality “us” time in a place we adore is more than you could ever ask for and I’m so grateful to all of you for being a part of the journey that made it happen.

You’re in good hands on the blog for the next couple weeks with Spencer and as a lunatic, I won’t be able to stay away for long. In the interim, thanks for letting me do what I love. I’ll return the love back to you with fresh inspiration from a trip I’ve been dreaming of for months. Who doesn’t love going back to Australia?


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