a table and chairs on a beach

Anantara is a brand synonymous with luxury through Asia. After a variety of clever promotions on hotel stays this year, it’s out with something that everyone sitting on a zoom call everyday is going to want to jump on, however impractical it actually is.

Why not forget your ridiculously priced city rent with no balcony, and trade in for an overwater villa in the Maldives, with breakfast included? Anantara is offering up an “unlimited” stay package, and for $30,000, the world, err, the Maldives is your oyster.

Anantara Veli Maldives Unlimited Package

As a five star resort in the uber expensive Maldives, the Anantara Veli can regularly demand $1000 a night, and it gets it too! At least, in normal times.

But for people fed up with any number of things from US elections to sports team results, there’s an island atoll paradise awaiting you, all for $30,000 for the year. While it may sound like a dream, there are a few things to know before you swipe that card and jet off to enjoy the package, which starts January 1st, and includes…

  • Luxury accommodation in an Over Water Bungalow
  • Daily breakfast for two persons
  • Return transfers between Anantara Veli and Malé as often as required
  • 25% savings on dining and spa

The Maldives brings an incredible chance to unwind, unplug and feel like Tom Hanks in castaway, with nothing but boundless ocean in front of you. Ok, maybe a plunge pool and jacuzzi too, but there’s a limit to how long you might want to stay that isolated.

Sure, there’s a tennis court, gym, spa, infinity pool and a few other things which sound so much better than home right now, but it’s not as if you can just order take out from a munchies favorite. You’ll be eating hotel food, and it’s not exactly cheap on an island atoll.

Ok never mind, that actually sounds like all you could ever need.

a table and chairs on a beach

There’s also the issue of not being a resident of the Maldives. The country recently became one of the friendliest places to visit, so much so that the Maldives launched a loyalty program in hopes of encouraging repeat visits, but there are rules about how long a visitor can stay.

Technically, most visitors to the Maldives are required to leave the country every 30 days, or seek an extension. Basically, you might need to hop in and out, which may be quite a trek for some people in Europe, USA or further abroad. For someone living not too far away in Asia or the Middle East with easy flight access though, it’s an incredible steal.


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