Swiss First Class is exquisite!
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There are literally dates where first class is cheaper than economy.

When you take to the skies again, wouldn’t it be nice for the flight to be as memorable and enjoyable as the destination itself? That’s always the dream, but that little issue of finances can often get in the way.

Today though, Lufthansa and Swiss are offering an exceptional sale on First & Business Class for anyone who can book with a companion. Business starts at £999 for two, and first from £2800 for two.

Whether it’s a friend, frenemy, lover, child, spouse or even a random internet acquaintance from our comments section, it’s all good. And yes, if you have no interest in making one of those apply to you, it’s totally ok to send Swiss and Lufthansa the evil eyes on Valentines Day.

Swiss First Class is exquisite!

Lufthansa & Swiss Business And First UK Companion Sale

Swiss and Lufthansa offer two of the best experiences in first class, and very solid business class experiences too. Right now, you can book them for a fraction of the usual price from a variety of UK airports.

Sure, there’s no crystal ball about when X country will open, but we kinda already know that by now. Unlike many sales, even those from UK airlines which focus on London, these also include regional airports.

Business class, with the exception of Cairo at around £500 per passenger, starts at £999 per person, and even cities like Singapore can be reached with one stop from the UK for £1300 per person. Bangkok, Cape Town, Nairobi are all the same £1100-£1300 range per person, when booking for two.

London to Singapore pricing on the return leg for Swiss First and business class. Business cheaper than economy.

You can browse the sales here.

Prices for first class start at £1399 per passenger, and on either airline that all but assures some caviar and first rate champagne, in addition to a limousine transfer on the ground in Zurich or Frankfurt.

Swiss First & Business Class Sale

First class starts at £1399 (scroll down to see first and business sales) per passenger for super destinations like Dubai, and Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore around the same price. If you can stretch the budget to £1699 per passenger, things like Bangkok and other fantastic, far reaching places open up. Browse here.

If you end up on the Boeing 777, it’s the best business class experience Swiss offers. It’s also better than any business class experience offered from Swiss, so if business is your cabin, Swiss is a better bet.

Here’s a look at the First Class prices (for two, all in) from Swiss. Divide by two for a per person cost. Swiss makes it super easy to book with a calendar of availability. Dates in Gold can be booked, grey cannot.

And here’s pricing for business class as well. Remember, just divide by two for a per person cost. These prices are all in for two passengers…

Lufthansa First & Business Sale

GSTP tends to book these flight offers with Swiss over lufthansa, purely because it’s easier to find dates using the Swiss website than the Lufthansa website.

With that aside, some people prefer Lufthansa First to Swiss First, depending on the plane, if you want to compare diamonds to diamonds. Swiss First on a Boeing 777 or Airbus A340 is generally going to beat the Lufthansa cabin experience, but with the 747 on limited days, it’s tough to pass up a seat in the nose.

Here’s the breakdown of the Lufthansa first and business sale as well…

Dates You Can Travel

These sales are attractive, and worth considering despite changing travel options at the moment because they go all the way into 2022. Positive vaccine rollout and news of reduced spread continues, so GSTP remains hopeful that international travel will be far more available by the end of Q3, or beginning of Q4.

As noted, Swiss makes it really easy to find these deals. You simply head to their page, click the sale you’re into (first or business) and then you’ll see dates in Gold on each month showing when the fares are there, or not. You can travel up to February 2022.

How To Book These Companion Fares

You need to search in numbers of two passengers or more to lock in these rates But, booking is easy beyond that.

Go to and scroll down to the sale of interest, or and do the same. These offers tend to try up fast (for best dates), so if you’re feeling romantic, generous or generally missing travel have at it!

One important thing to note: flexibility policies on these tickets are nowhere near as generous as some other airlines. If the flight gets cancelled, all standard EU rules apply, but if you proactively wish to cancel, you’re left with few options other than to rebook at new pricing. There’s typically 2 or 3 of these sales per year, where you might be able to do so at the same price.

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  1. Swiss has excellent first class and current offer is very good indeed. However both Swiss and Lufthansa have passenger very unfriendly policies. I have current booking for Singapore in August – tried to rebook for January 2022 but it is impossible. Sale prices apply only for NEW booking not for rebooking. So to avoid big disappointment I would suggest end of 2021 or very beginning of 2022. Or wait for next sale.

  2. Mr Ott,

    Do you know of a way of finding people to share these great companion fares. I would have thought it would have been easy enough. But searching the web brings up sites for people who, crazy I know, actually want travel companions to spend time with. Two months in Asia or South America debating where to have lunch or dinner or icecream does not appeal to many.

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