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New York is a very special place. So special, billionaires try to outbid each other for standard hotel rooms at coveted summer palaces, like Montauk, The Hamptons and anywhere where rose flows freely from jeroboams, rather than fly elsewhere.

It’s fair to say wealth has reached obscene levels in the big apple, and ahead of the launch of the exciting new Aman New York, the ultra-luxe hotel group is testing the waters of what just might be the world’s most expensive elite status, er “club”.

Technically, it’s a club, which could be cool, and let’s hope so, because for a cool $100k initiation and $15k annually, the only known travel benefits are “lax check in and check out times and upgrades” at Aman properties.

Aman Club NYC

The new Aman New York will instantly sit near the creme de la creme of the city’s top hotel offerings, by any metric.

Room rates are expected to start at more than $1400 per night, and with a near priceless location overlooking the park from the much coveted Crown Building on 57th street, it’s hard to imagine any disappointment. The new hotel plans to offer 88 rooms, a variety of social spaces and residences, but also a ‘members club’ space.

According to Page Six, which means information may require a pinch of salt and a twist of lime, Aman is selling 100 ‘Aman Club’ memberships for the New York hotel at $100k a pop. That’s just the initiation fee, with $15k expected annually.

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It’s possible that the exclusive coverage from Page Six overlooked a detail like a certain amount of free stays, but it doesn’t seem so. For $100k, you get access to a members space in the hotel and a “private office” of people who are there to look after all things travel and lifestyle, as well as wellness. Amex Centurion suddenly seems like a bargain.

“Experts in nutrition, health and fitness will create entirely bespoke, constantly evolving programs for Founders, offering ongoing support and guidance as their wellness journey progresses both on- and off-property.”


While access to privileged spaces in New York is certainly worth a premium, anyone more than willing to part ways with $100k as an initiation fee and $15k annually will probably have a decent park view, or social space of their own anyway.

At least for now, this appears to be the most expensive way to buy elite status at a hotel chain, with $115k up front for flexible check in, check out, and upgrades. The most amusing thing though, is Aman will undoubtedly sell these memberships out, and collect $10m in dues in the process.

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