a room with a view of a city
Aman Tokyo, Japan

Lockdown, and the remix Lockdown 2.0 have made for serious home improvements for many travelers around the world, from upgraded bedding to home gyms. It means when you travel, a hotel has a whole lot to live up to, just to be anywhere on the level of home.

But scent is one of the primary senses in life, and despite all the nice touches in the world, the perfect setting isn’t complete without a signature scent to go along with it. Fortunately, all your favorite hotels are selling theirs.

The next time someone walks into your home and says “ah, I recognize that smell!”, you can strike up a conversation about travel, and more specifically, great hotels.

a room with a view of a city
Aman Tokyo, Japan

Hotels Selling Scents

Hotels aren’t exactly full right now, so like many businesses they’re figuring out more ways to bring their signature, sometimes even iconic experiences into your home. And yes, to make money to survive.

The Aman hotel group is regarded the world over as the true epitome of high end luxury, with rooms rarely fetching under $1000 per night and the unique, boutique hotel group is now selling their own line of signature candles and fragrances.

If you’re looking for something to make your home living room smell like the poshest of hotel lobbies, Aman is offering a series of signature candles. Marriott, and Starwood before it, famously offers scents such as the Westin lobby candles and diffusers online. The Wynn Las Vegas and Standard Hotels also sell their hotel wares in online shops.

For those hoping for the perfect mattress, Hilton, Sofitel, Westin and Fairmont each sell their signature robes, mattresses and bedding products online to complete the hotel experience at home.

But Aman is actually going even further, not just with olfactory pleasures for the room or for your sleep comforts, but also for you. At £65 ($87) for a candle, or £220 ($294) for a fragrance the prices are in line with eye watering rates Aman manages to charge.

The luxury hotel brand created five gender neutral fragrances inspired by global destinations for a first ever perfume line. You yourself can smell like an Aman Hotel in a fascinating part of the world, like the Medina in Marrakech. All can be found in the Aman store.

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for the traveler in your life, a scent that takes them somewhere, even just in the mind might be just the ticket this holiday season. These scents aren’t the only novelties you can buy either, there’s a never ending array from Emirates PJ’s to Delta napkins!

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  1. For those prices, I have no interest being supportive in that way lol. At the end of the day, it’s just some wax.

  2. Having a good vacation is not about staying at a property that has great views, a location with good access, and nice food; it is about have you are made to feel. We traveled with a 1-year-old baby and before we traveled we were worried that we may not be able to procure food the way we prepare it for our baby (simple and grounded down to semi paste). Not only did the in-room-dining team prepare baby food for us as we asked for all 3 meals in a day, but they also didn’t even charge us for it. Starting from how we were thoughtfully given a quiet room that will let us enjoy even with a baby to the way the staff accommodated and served us in the restaurants, it showed that they cared that we have a good time.

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