a bed with white sheets and blue lamps

By most accounts, the greatest joys in travel are the jaw dropping sunsets, the feeling of warm sand on the toes or the scents of discovery in an amazing city. For the weirdos, perhaps like yourself, it’s equally about the United Airlines Gel Pillow in business class, or the Westin Heavenly bedding.

Just because you can’t get out and experience these things in the wild doesn’t mean you can’t make them a part of your home life right now…

a bed with a white bedding and blue lampsWestin Heavenly Bedding And Scents

Why do so many travelers love Westin? It’s the consistently heavenly bedding. So heavenly in fact, that’s exactly what it’s called. You’ll never complain about sleeping better in hotels than at home again.

Many forget that Westin, like other hotel brands, including W, actually sell the good stuff online, so you can reproduce your favorite hotel amenities in their entirety from the online store. Why not turn your mediocre home bedding into hotel quality? The Westin Store is open 24 hours online.

Emirates First Class Pajamas And Plane Models

You don’t need to fly first class to look like you have. Emirates sells their beloved HYDRA pajamas online, so you can take a shower, buy some caviar, find some Dom Perignon hiding in the attic and make your own A380 first class party at home.

Since it’s the thing to do right now, you can also buy an A380 model plane from the Emirates Store, and use clever camera tricks to make it look like footage while you do your own first class review, all from the comfort of home. Passport stamps not included.

Wynn Las Vegas Robes, Scents And More

They say Vegas never leaves you, or is it you leave a part of yourself in Las Vegas? Either way, you can make your Wynn stays a part of life at home, by adding any part of the entire guest amenity experience to life at home from the Wynn Resorts Store.

Yep, the pillows, shower gels, signature “Asian Rain” fragrance, robes and even fitted sheets are all yours, all at Las Vegas style prices. There’s stepping out of the shower, then there’s stepping out of the shower into a Wynn Hotels bath robe! How baller…

a row of seats in an airplaneUnited Airlines Polaris Gel Pillow

Forget Simba Sleep, Tempur Pedic or Amazon Essentials. Nothing says luxury sleeps quite like a United Gel Pillow, from the Polaris Business Class bedding range. It may sound like a joke, but I swear it’s not.

This pillow is incredible, easily the best in business class on any airline and is the perfect way to pretend you’re flying somewhere in style. Just buy a few of them, because your bed is undoubtedly wider than the Polaris seat.

Special shout-out to the United cookbook, also on sale, just in case you want to try to recreate their “world class cuisine in the sky” from home.

Delta Airlines Onesie And Merch

Nothing says i’m living through a pandemic like wearing a onesie to work, and nothing will inspire you to return to the skies when its all over quite like one from Delta. It’s just one of many goodies in the Delta Airlines Store, which also includes limited edition 747 retirement products, pens, t-shirts and office supplies.

The best part? This onesie is semi holiday themed, so even when this is hopefully all over, you can pull it out again to celebrate the December holiday season. All yours, for the ripe price of $83.50.

a mattress in a roomPremier Inn Mattress

Every European, whether they wish to or not, knows Premier Inn. If your social distancing and #stayhome campaigns have you missing that iconic Premier Inn Bed, you’re in luck – they actually sell them online.

You can get just the mattress, or add their exact divan and even pillows too. Prices start around £360, and if that’s more than you were hoping to spend, the pillows are on sale separately for the great price of £25 for two, with the protector included. Bargain!

Standard Hotels Spa Products

Hotel spas always smell so good, particularly at a hip Standard Hotel. The group has The Standard Store, where you can buy anything from CBD gummies to essential oils for your body and their entire line of spa products, including those inimitable candles.

Standard Hotels are donating 100% of the profits from all merch sales to their employee fund, which will help the Standard team maintain healthcare and other essentials. Good stuff.

Feel free to leave more products you can buy for home in the comments : )

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  1. this past christmas i bought all of my sisters and nieces (11 of them) maroon EVA Air Rimowa amenity kits plus each a full hotel set of Ritz Carlton Rain Water products. always get in trouble for giving them gift cards so they were pretty excited this year. got the boys ANA first pajamas and Tumi Delta kits

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