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How much is that calming glass of wine in the airport? It’s not cheap, we know that. But you can’t put a price on a great shower, some fast wifi and a comfy place to relax before a flight. While airports reach new capacity heights, so too can your travel. Airport VIP lounges change the wait, and thanks to a nifty limited time sale, you can enjoy the good life for just $16 (£12) a visit!

1,000+ Lounges

PriorityPass is offering a 25% off sale, which can bring access to VIP lounges down to just $16 a visit. There are over 1,000 lounges at airports around the world, and we’ve highlighted some of the standout lounges and what you can expect inside. In most cases, you can expect free booze, wifi, food, cozy places to sit, business centers and if you’re lucky- excellent shower facilities.

How To $16 A Visit

Priority Pass charges different rates by country, but you can take advantage of the best rates, wherever you are. The best rates are for UK membership, which is just £119 for 10 visits. If you choose this option, rather than the US option, you’ll save over $5 a visit. You can still enter a US billing and shipping address, and most lounges offer digital cards anyway. If you’re in the UK, even easier! Here’s the UK link, and the US link for comparison.

Is It Worth It?

The more time you spend in airports, the more time you’ll want to feel as if you’re NOT in an airport. Many PriorityPass lounges are as cozy as being home, with excellent amenities, fully stocked bar and other goodies. And yep, everything is free once you’re in, so it’s not hard to save a lot of dough off of these visits. 10 visits would cover 5 round trips in a year, or 10 one way flights, so if you think you can squeeze that much travel, this is a no brainer, especially if you don’t have elite airline status. We’ll see ya’ in the lounge.

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  1. I’ve had a Priority Pass for years now, through Amex Platinum, but this summer I was turned away from lounges several times because they were “too busy, and only accepting pre-booked visits”. Since pre-booked visits (with one exception) are all pay up front, this effectively made the Priority Pass valueless.
    The one exception was the No1 Lounge in Gatwick, which for £5 per person will pre-book you a Priority Pass visit.
    Since I was turned away more times than I was let in, it seems that the lounges have now found a new way to up their profits by getting more pay full-price per visit customers.

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