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People don’t know airports until they understand what it means to be in one- but not know it. Priority Pass, the handy lounge membership available to anyone regardless what cabin they’re actually flying in, is a brilliant foray. For that matter, so is the non membership app LoungeBuddy, which allows anyone to purchase access to a lounge for a one off fee- and some airlines even let you purchase access too. Who knew?! Wether as a credit card perk, or a reasonable purchase, these lounges will make you glad you’re a savvy traveler- you may not even mind a delay…

a bowl of apples on a glass tableAlmost@Home Lounge- Helsinki Airport

Hours: 6AM- 11:30 PM 

Access: PriorityPass, LoungeBuddy

Key Features: Kitchen (yes, you can really cook in it), wine and spirits bar, beer taps, loft style homey seating areas, video games, healthy food options.

The Pitch: This place is one of the few airport lounges that can feel like being in a friends apartment, with the slight difference that you can raid their cabinets freely. Great amenities, friendly service- love it.

a bar with a large ceiling and a large window

Etihad Premium Lounge – New York JFK Airport

Hours: 11:30 AM- 3:00 PM and then 7:30 PM- 11:00PM 

Access: Purchase via Etihad, when traveling on Etihad flights. 

Key Features: chef quality food, top shelf champagne and drinks, gorgeous views of runway and tarmac, ample seating areas, showers, city themed cocktails.

The Pitch: When it comes to lounges- Etihad offers the real deal. This lounge is amongst the best of all U.S. lounges and it’s incredible to access it, even when flying economy. You get showers, waiter service, buffet options, city themed cocktails and an amazing space to relax.

a bar with a bar and chairsSkyTeam Lounge T4 – London Heathrow

Hours: 5AM- last departure. 

Access: PriorityPass, LoungeBuddy

Key Features: Wine library, open bar, substantial buffet, tarmac and runway views, massages (paid option), boarding calls.

The Pitch: The SkyTeam lounge is a wonderful place to spend a day, let alone a few hours. There’s one of the most extensive wine bars we’ve seen anywhere at an airport, great food and better views. At the right times, it’s barely crowded- making it a real winner.

a room with couches and tablesDnata Lounge T1 – Singapore Changi Airport

Hours: 6AM- 11:30 PM

Access: PriorityPass, LoungeBuddy

Key Features: Shower, Singaporean buffet, Chivas bar, power ports galore, private areas, fantastic service.

The Pitch: Most passengers transiting or departing Singapore are in for long journeys, and there’s nothing better than a good shower before hitting the skies. The lounge is clean and fresh with an innovative bar setup and a delectable Singaporean buffet, as far as airport food goes.

a room with a brick wall and a man standing in front of a barLounge @ B- Dubai International Airport

Hours: All day. 

Access: PriorityPass, LoungeBuddy

Key Features: Hotel quality buffet, showers, sushi, high quality booze, cozy seating areas and attentive staff.

The Pitch: If you’re hungry, this place is heaven. If you’re not, it’s still awesome. Located inside a Tapas bar, it’s one of the best kept “secrets” at Dubai Airport. This is by far one of the very best Priority Pass lounges out there with service that makes you smile.

a restaurant with tables and chairsAir China First Class Lounge – Beijing International Airport

Hours: 6AM- 10:00 PM

Access: PriorityPass, LoungeBuddy

Key Features: Massage chairs, cocktails, generous buffet, open air seating, tarmac views, mini “movie theatre”.

The Pitch: It’s not often economy passengers, PriorityPass holders (or both) can use a First Class lounge. The Air China First Lounge in Terminal 3E offers a vast amount of space, endless western and eastern food options, quality mixed drinks and great open air, given its elevated perch.

a room with chairs and tablesStar Alliance Lounge- Paris De Gaulle Airport

Hours: 5:30 AM- 11:30 PM

Access: PriorityPass, LoungeBuddy

Key Features: Outdoor smokers lounge, power ports & fast wifi, great buffet, fantastic wine, special services team.

The Pitch: Lounges run by airline alliances such as Star Alliance are often a real treat. Inside you’ll find sharply appointed spaces ideal for everything from unwinding to serious business productivity. If you’re a smoker, there’s even an outdoor smokers lounge to enjoy fresh air with your cigarette. For everyone else- the food and drinks inside are way up there. Great spot.

What are your favorite accessible Lounges?

Featured image courtesy of Etihad Airways.


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