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Breath Easy, You Can…

Let’s start this discussion by saying that you’re already very lucky. Durable, composite materials have  revolutionized the air travel experience for the better. The reason your ears, nose, eyes, ankles and mind no longer feel as if they are under attack, is thanks to a magical transformation in cabin pressure, humidity and building materials. But despite all enhancements – one aircraft, the Airbus A350 stands above it all.

Highest Pressure

This sounds bad, but it isn’t. The higher the pressure a plane can pump, the more natural (earth like) it feels. The Airbus A350 can take a higher pressure than other aircraft in the sky, up to 6,000 feet of atmospheric pressure – making it the most natural environment for all the ligaments, parts and appendages mentioned above. Less swelling, and other pains. You’ll notice instantly.

Wide, Wide

The direct competitor of the Airbus A350 is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. While both are fantastic aircraft, the A350 exceeds the 787 in width. This allows for more spacious seats in the economy cabin, and also in first and business class cabins. More space, higher ceilings less problems.


In the art of politics and business you may have heard of the “double blind”, where the are two layers of maneuver in play. The A350 is very similar. The A350 features a sheer curtain, which provides a lovely soft lighting to cabins – but also has a full “black out” blind capability. It’s direct competitor has nifty dimming windows, which are more fun to watch, but it’s hard to argue with these.


People think of humidity as a bad thing – until they get onto airplanes. The reason most people get sick after air travel is due to the dryness of a cabin making their throat and nose raw, exposed to the bad stuff. The A350, thanks to it’s pressure capabilities is able to keep a higher cabin humidity, 5% better than competitors. This feels far more like something pleasant down on earth than any other airplane.


The first thing you’ll notice (after reading this) is that the Airbus A350 is whisper quiet, beaten only by the A380 in this department. Even during take off, much like it’s predecessor the A380 – you can hold standard voice conversations. No voice raising needed, these carbon planes are the ultimate for business or personal chats. Of course, if you want to hear nothing – you can just buy some great noise cancelling headphones.

Wicked Wifi

This is not an across the board fact, but in general A350’ are newer aircraft than 787’s. More A350’s have been outfitted with state of the art wifi than 787’s giving a competitive advantage to those in need of fast service. This is entirely subjective, and determined by airline (and not plane manufacturer) but with wifi, in general, the newer the better.

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