a pair of earbuds with a case

We’re not saying sweaters aren’t a great gift, but they don’t necessarily scream ‘personal’. Getting the traveler in your life something that instantly makes them think of you, on trips all around the world is where it’s at. From stocking stuffers to glamorous gifts, we’ve got a list that travelers in the know swear by, guaranteed to win a holiday smile.

5-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter + USB

This compact, colorful travel adapter includes two USB ports and will allow you to charge in over 150 different countries – you won’t want to travel without it! No power stress, no problems. 

Link: Travel Power Adapter

Price: $35

a group of luggage with wheelsAway Carry-On Luggage

This perfect, expertly-designed carry on bag will suit any traveler. It’s spacious, durable, charges your electronics and comes in a range of cool colours. You can also get full size luggage.

Link: Away Luggage + $20 Discount!

Price: $225

Aeroline Travel Document Case

This is an excellent travel wallet for the price. Plenty of space to store all your documents and a full zip closure to keep everything safe and secure.

Link: Travel Wallet

Price: $8 (on sale)

Airline/Hotel Points

For anyone who loves to travel, there is nothing more valuable than airline or hotel points. There are regularly good deals to purchase points, such as 35% off SPG points, 40% off Hyatt Points, 40% off Alaska Miles, 100% Bonus on IHG points or 145% Bonus on Avianca Miles, so why not make someones holidays by helping boost their mileage bank!

a pair of headphones in a bagBose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

If you love the idea, but these are steep, check out a list of affordable headphone options here. But- these noise cancelling headphones are a game changer. Compact packaging to fit easily into your bag and so, so nice to not hear that screaming baby in the next row.

Link: Bose QC 35 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Price: $349.95

REN Grab and Go Travel Kit

There’s nothing worse than having dry, tired skin when you travel. This travel kit has everything you will need to keep you feeling fresh – plus it’s in a clear zipped bag perfect for security checks!

Link: REN Travel Kit

Price: £14/$20

Hästens Travel Pillow

This luxury travel pillow is ideal for getting a few comfy hours of sleep whilst on the move. It zips up making it small and easy to pack as well as useful for extra storage inside.

Link: Hästens Travel Pillow

Price: $170

a close-up of luggageAway x Tile Luggage Tracker Tag

This is no ordinary luggage tag! Inside is a Tile Slim, which will be able to track your luggage wherever it ends up – you’ll never lose it again, even if the airline does.

Link: Luggage Tracker Tile

Price: $30

Travel Jewelry Organizer Case

With separate compartments for all your jewelry, this is the perfect, compact accessory for carrying all your precious items without them getting tangled or lost.

Link: Travel Jewelry Case

Price: $22.95

Long Copper Compression Socks

These are the best socks for traveling in to keep your feet happy, healthy and comfy. The copper provides extra benefits that you won’t find in your regular compression socks such as anti odor, anti microbial and anti inflammatory benefits. A must for long-haul flights especially.

Link: Copper Weave Travel Socks

Price: $21.25

a group of colorful bottles on a shelfT2 Stainless Steel Flask

This will amazingly keep your tea or coffee warm for literally hours! And the same for cold drinks, making it the perfect item to travel with to keep you hydrated no matter what the temperature of the place you’re visiting. Just be sure to empty it before passing through airport security.

Link: Stainless Steel Mug

Price: $35

Google Pixel Buds

Technology that will blow your mind – these wireless Google Pixel Buds can translate any language right into your ear and your voice back to that person, allowing you to converse with anybody in the world. Traveling will never be the same again!

Link: Google Pixel Buds

Price: $159

a pair of earbuds with a caseTravel Cocktail Kit

If you’re looking to make your trip a bit more fun then this is the one for you. Crafting your own cocktails at 30,000 feet – what could be better than that!

Link: Carry On Cocktail Kit

Price: $24 and up

TripIt Pro

Why not get your travel buddy a yearly subscription to make their life easier – this app will keep them up-to-date whilst on-the-move with gate changes, any delays, cancellations and even if the airline owes them any money.

Link: TripIt Pro

Price: $49 annual subscription

Inflatable Travel Bag

This great invention is ideal for carrying wine, alcohol or anything delicate in your checked luggage to make sure it’s not at risk of being damaged. Now you can always expect your friends to bring you wine back from their latest destination.

Link: Inflatable Wine Bag

Price: $29.99

a group of bottles of shampoo and wash in a clear bagMolten Brown Carry On Set

Everything you need to stay fresh and moisturised mid-flight. In a clear zip bag, it’s perfect for traveling through the airport – with a well selected collection for men or women.

Ladies Link: Women’s Carry On Set

Men’s Link: Men’s Carry On Set

Price: £36/$50

Trtl Travel Pillow

There are so many ridiculous and uncomfortable travel pillows out there, but this one is the winner. Offering good neck support and a soft, fleecy material, it looks just like you’re wearing a scarf – not creating too much unwanted attention from other passengers.

Link: Trtl Travel Pillow

Price: $29.99

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  1. My vote is for the Bose 35’s. Once you try them, you will love them. Besides blocking noise, they have excellent response for music listening.

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