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Perhaps the greatest leap to try Airbnb, is uncertainty. What if I pick the worst place in the whole Airbnb listing? What if it doesn’t have filtered water? Or a good shower! You get the gist. Adding a luxury and standardizing element to the Airbnb service, while quelling guest fears – Airbnb has launched +, a hand picked collection of only the best Airbnb properties. They just may be worth a try

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Every Airbnb+ accommodation has been visited and verified by Airbnb. Each property must pass a 100 point inspection to become a “plus” listing. The property must feature: lots of clean towels, quality pillows and bedding, thoughtful furniture, bottled or filtered water, cooking essentials, full working appliances, good wifi and of course, style. All hosts must maintain a 4.8 rating or above to stay in the program.

High End

Airbnb Plus is no limited to super luxurious (expensive) properties. All Airbnb accommodation types can earn a “plus” rating, including shared bedrooms. The plus is purely intended as a stamp of approval from Airbnb that the place will have everything you seek. If you’re a host, they’ve created a handy guide for becoming a “plus” rated property. Personal “character” is a must.

chairs on a deck overlooking a cityCompetition

Airbnb now faces increased competition from OneFineStay and Oasis. This property curation increases booking confidence, which will likely drive more people to go ahead and book. A 100 point inspection is compelling stuff! Uncertainty is a negative factor for virtually any business, and if Airbnb is able to maintain a pristine “plus” program, this could be a compelling time saver. Throw in flexible payment options and competitive pricing and Airbnb is truly a force.

The Now

This feature is immediately available, and you can instantly find it in cities around the world. Airbnb has a dedicated plus page, explaining the program in greater detail which is well worth a browse. Expect Airbnb quality to improve over the coming months, as more and more properties attempt to become Airbnb+ rated. We’ll take it! And you can take $40 off your first booking, using our invite!

Will you seek out Airbnb+ accommodations in the future?

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  1. As the owner of a “luxury” AirBnB and a user of other ones, I fully appreciate what AirBnB is trying to do here. My rental clients are always worried that my property will be up to the standard they want and I have similar concerns when I rent.

    The trouble AirBnB faces is that standard is a nebulous concept and it’s particularly difficult to define when dealing with individual properties, as most AirBnBers want, instead of faceless hotels.

    And then there’s atmosphere. Having just returned from staying in a rather dismal property but with full amenities, it’s reminded me that the feel of the place is just as important as the fittings.

  2. Agree. I too am a 5 star host. Which can be difficult to maintain. You have to work really hard. But l really enjoy hosting so that’s not a problem. l find going the little extra to include eggs for breakfast means a lot to people. Access to tea coffee etc is most important. Quality duvets and pillows a must as are fluffy towels. And clean clean clean. People still want a holiday or hotel like experience even tho they are not paying that rate! Cheek really. We also use airbnb and are fusdy too. But have been v lucky with our choices even sharing with one couple in Hell’s Kitchen which was fab.
    Love airbnb.

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