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A bed in the sky is always a good idea…

Air Italy is Italy’s new upstart airline, backed by the almighty Qatar Airways. The airline is a fresh take on travel, and has made quite a splash in its first year, with low fares and exciting routes. If you’ve been dreaming of Bangkok vacation, but dreading the idea of riding in the back – these flight deals for €997/£887 round trip in business class are going to be seriously tough to beat…

a group of tuk parked on a streetThe Business Class Deals

Flyertalk can be an incredible resource for finding deals, and it’s a place we regularly post deals as well, after posting here, of course. User volazz was kind enough to share an awesome Air Italy business class deal, which only shows up on Air Italy, with round trip flat bed business class for €997 round trip – which is about £887. That’s an incredible price for 20 hours in the air round trip. You’ll get airport lounges, fast track and all the usual goodies, and rumor has it the Air Italy food is exceptionally good. You can depart from Milan, Rome or Palermo, giving lots of easy options. Milan is a direct flight to Bangkok, for what it’s worth.

It can absolutely be worth using points or a cheap flight to position yourself to Milan or one of these other cities to take advantage.

a seat in a planeThe Dates

These deals are available from November 2018 thru March 2019. You’ll need to depart on a Monday, Saturday or Sunday to lock in the best prices and a Saturday night stay seems to be the only requirement. If you leave on a Saturday, you can come back as soon as Monday, but it’s Bangkok – you should stay a while

a white airplane in the skyHow To Book

These deals won’t show up anywhere else but AirItaly.com. If you search on Google Flights, find dates where the prices is €1240 round trip. If you then go to AirItaly.com and plug in the dates where the $1480/€1240/£1100 ish deals are available on Google Flights, you’ll find €997 round trip business class. Amazing, indeed! These deals can earn points with the British Airways Executive Club, and perhaps with other frequent flyer programs as well. Here’s what tourists do wrong in Bangkok, so you can be a savvy traveler and avoid all the nonsense. You’re welcome.

Are you jetting off to Bangkok?

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  1. The point should be made that for BAEC members, you earn ZERO TPs on Air Italy.

    Air Italy (formerly Meridiana)

    Included: Air Italy (IG).
    Minimum Avios: 625 in business class, 500 in flexible economy, 250 in low economy and 125 in lowest economy.
    Avios tier bonus? No.
    Collect Tier Points? No.

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